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Your Best Beauty Secrets: Revealed

February 11, 2021


Erin Schrader

A few weeks ago we asked Y-O-U, our Living in Yellow community, to spill your secrets. Beauty secrets, that is. From skincare tips and tricks to haircare hacks, you did not disappoint. Turns out, we’re not very good at keeping secrets. Spoiler Alert: if you see me blotting my face with receipt paper, mind your own business. And yes, I am considering putting Monistat on my face. Because you told me to. Today we’re spilling all the beans– because [take my work for it] they’re too good not to share. Happy hacking!

Skincare Tips & Tricks

  • Instead of buying expensive face cleansers, I use witch hazel when I have a pimple or feel a breakout coming on. I simply wash my face with warm water, dry with a clean towel, and apply witch hazel to the affected area with a cotton ball. Works like a charm! -Leah, Mukwonago, WI
  • Dab Apple Cider Vinegar on a zit, let it dry. Dab on cortisone gel. Both ingredients together dry it out. Most zits will be gone by the next day! -Jen, Millersville, MD 
  • The new JLo mask is amazing. Smooths and tightens like no other. Only $18!!❤️ -Lauren, Pittsburgh, PA 
  • Maracuja Oil by Tarte is perfect for winter and your skin will drink it up! Perfect for that dry out and wrinkles. Use it day and night before moisturizing or using a mask your skin will thank you for it! -Dani, West Caldwell, NJ 
  • Pond’s Cream LOL but I’m serious. For as long as I can remember, people have asked my grandma what she uses on her skin and she swears by Pond’s. I used to smear it on my face when I stayed over as a little kid and now I’m 27, use it all the time and have all my friends hooked on it! Put it on right before bedtime or fresh out of the shower 🙂 enjoy your youthful face. xo -Alex, Bristol, IN 
  • Receipt paper is a great substitute for oil blotting sheets! – Meredith, Asheville, NC
  • I make my own soap! My skin is not nearly as dry or itchy as it was using store bought soap. My feet would get so cracked and bleed in the winter. I have had ZERO issues now. It has honestly been a complete game changer. It became so popular with friends and family that there has been a demand, and I’ve opened a small business recently [website in the works!]. -Amy, Laconia, NH

Makeup Secrets

  • Vaseline has been and will probably always will be my go-to eye makeup remover. I use this magic balm to take off my makeup all over but Vaseline will always be a staple for mascara that’s hard to get off! -Katy, Goshen, IN 
  • I use Monistat Chafing Gel as a makeup primer! It’s identical to Smashbox Primer and it’s a fraction of the cost! -Rachel, Tulsa, OK
  • Before curling lashes with a lash curler, dab a tiny amount of Rosebud Salve to the lash tips by fanning your pointer finger across the tips and then back gain. It will ‘set’ your lashes making them look longer and more curled. -CJ, Cranston, RI
  • Coconut oil for eye makeup remover! Nothing takes it off as easy and as thoroughly, and “clean” ingredients. 🙂 -Rhiannq, Kenosha, WI 
  • Use ring finger to apply cream or lotion under eyes,….put any serums/lotions on the back of your hand and then apply…..use concealer stick for eyelid base. -Katie, Wildwood, MO 
  • Use Trader Joe’s Fruit and Veggie wash to clean your make up brushes, a natural solution! -Katie, Oregon, WI
  • When using a shimmery eye shadow, pat your brush in the color and then spray your brush with setting spray for a SUPER shimmery and bright eye shadow!! -Maya, Boston, MA
  • I put castor oil on my lashes before bedtime each night. It keeps them healthy and looking fuller! -Jennifer, Chicago, IL
  • Add your makeup liquid or cream to your face cream to create your own tinted moisturizer on the days you want more of a light coverage look. Great for pool/ beach days! Even better toss your face cream in the fridge over night in the simmer so it’s cooling in the morning on hot summer days! -Lauren, Chicago, IL
  • After applying mascara, pull out hair dryer and blow eye lashes up. Lashes look even better than curling them!! -Lisa, Slater, IA
  • Do your eye makeup before your base makeup to clean up fall out easily especially if you are wearing a glittery eye look! -Nikki, Old Bridge. NJ
  • Put a layer of mascara on…wait about 2-5 minutes. I usually brush my teeth, and THEN curl your lashes and put on another thin layer of mascara. This allows the lashes to keep their curl. -Tiffany, Des Moines, IA
  • To extended the life of your mascara when it’s getting close to replacement remove the wand, add 1-2 eye drops to the mascara tube, insert wand, close and shake for distribution. Eye drops are a sterile solution so it should not cause eye irritation or infections. Just make sure when adding drops to mascara to not touch the dropper to the mascara tube itself or yourself in order to keep the eye dropper sterile. -Christina, Parkersburg, IA
  • If your mascara gets smudged on your eyelid after you’ve already done your eye shadow and you don’t want to redo it, let the mascara dry and then go over it with a dry spoolie and it will come right off. -Jessie, Nashville, TN
  • Use your blow dryer to heat up your eyelash curler before using it on your lashes. Be careful that the metal part of the eyelash curler WILL get hot so let it cool for a few moments until it’s just warm—when you do, it acts like a curling iron for your lashes! The best lash curler out there is by Shiseido. -Abby, Nashville, TN
  • Use a toothbrush to comb your eyebrows! -Corey, Luverne, MN
  • Use your bronzer as eye shadow! And if you want to get even  more wild, mix your bronzer and blush (especially if it’s more peach toned) for an easy eyeshadow look. -Kelly, Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • NYX Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil. I used to be a huge Urban Decay eyeliner fan until I discovered this from NYX at half the price! -Dena, Long Island, NY
  • KIKO Stick Eyeshadow from Amazon! Love this long wearing, waterproof cream eyeshadow stick. Very reasonably priced.
  • Ownest Eyebrow soap kit on Amazon for my eyebrows that have a mind of their own. -Dena, Long Island, NY
  • THIS. I recently ditched makeup removing wipes for good and use this cloth! Just get it wet [only needs water] and it washes away your makeup– even tricky waterproof eye makeup. Throw it in the washing machine every few days and reuse! Better for the environment, better for you budget. 🙂 -Claire, Living in Yellow Team

Haircare Hacks

  • I like to put dry shampoo on my roots and leave in conditioner on my ends before bed (even on days I don’t wash my hair!). The dry shampoo helps you wake up with that “ready to go” volume and the leave in conditioner helps combat frizz in your sleep! -Katy, Goshen, IN
  • Spray your dry shampoo on at night before you go to bed. No residue in the morning and soaks oil all night. Boom fresh hair in the morning. -Jennifer, Winchester MA
  • When my hair looks greasy at the roots and/or my roots are showing, I use baby powder– works best for blondes, as it makes roots lighter/whiter. -Kate, Boston, MA
  • I braid my daughters hair after she washes it, so in the AM we have fresh curls! -Tara, South Jordan, Utah
  • I loooove the CHI 44 Iron Guard thermal protection spray. I use heat styling tools a ton and this spray really protects from damage, makes my hair shiny [bye 8th grade frizzy hair] and makes the style last way longer than if I don’t use it. It’s on Amazon! I swear by it and give it to my girlfriends as a favorite thing. -Michelle, Valencia, CA
  • Hair training! Jasmine Rae is an Insta gal I follow and she is teaching the amazing methods of not washing your hair ???? She goes 22 days between washes. But, it’s all about using the right products and little heat! Right now I am going 7 days and not washing. Properly using dry shampoo and brushing my scalp to stimulate new growth. It’s amazing! And all the products she endorses? Lange! So, every time I make a purchase? It’s usually at 50 to 60% off! I am on my second week, but I can ready tell a huge difference in my hair and how brushing really is a good thing. Who would have thought nightly brushing would be so fun?! -Allison, Goshen, IN

General Tips

  • I used this hack before photoshoots for my band and on my wedding day to de-puff my eyes! Take a regular spoon [you know, the kind you eat cereal with] and put it in the freezer for a few hours. Take it out and hold up the curved side under your eyes. Sit back and feel the de-puffing happen! -Katy, Goshen, IN
  • Menstrual cups! You guys. This save soooo much money every year. Better for the environment, better for your body. $20 on Amazon, so many brands to choose from. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be happy you made the switch from tampons! -Kelli, Sheldon, IA
  • I like to keep a dry erase marker in my makeup drawer. I use it to write reminders on my mirror like “wash your brushes” or “buy more mascara”. This way when I’m getting ready for the day and realize I need to do something, I can grab the marker, write it immediately, and not forget because I know I’ll see it multiple times a day. It’s also good to write positive messages to myself or love notes to my hubby on his mirror! -Alyssa, Harrison, WI
  • My mom taught me to shave my legs with baby oil– it’s a game changer. Super smooth and hydrating! Cheaper than shave gels too! -Christin, Corpus Christi
  • Use chapstick as cuticle treatment/cream/oil every night before bed! -Christine, Denver, CO
  • Boiling water takes berry stains out of clothing. Pour a cup or so of boiling water on the stain and watch it disappear immediately. My Grandma taught me this trick. -Jennifer, Columbus, OH


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