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Kitchen Organization: How I Organized My Entire Kitchen In 4 Hours

January 22, 2021


Erin Schrader

Disclosure: Thank you to Wayfair and ShopStyle for sponsoring today’s post. All items were selected, purchased, and organized by yours truly.

Ahhh do you smell that? The sweet, sweet aroma of a brand-spankin’ New Year [or maybe that’s my leftovers in the microwave– but that’s neither here nor there]. The time to hit refresh is here and nothing revives my soul quite like organizing my home. I’ve gotten into the habit of  “resetting” the house each and every night- tidying up and putting everything back in its place so it’s “reset” for the next morning. The amount of peace, clarity, and satisfaction it’s brought me is truly worth every. single. minute of cleanup time. But with the start of a New Year, I’m stepping things up a notch and tackling home organization room by room- starting with the kitchen. Insert Wayfair.

Taking on the kitchen can seem like a daunting task, so I turned to Wayfair to get the job done. If you’re new to shopping Wayfair, you should know they’re one of the world’s largest online destinations for the home with over 10 million products on-site! You better believe you could browse their virtual aisles for hours on end without getting bored. I love that they have FAST free shipping on orders over $35 which makes it simple and easy to create, update, or in this case, organize a space that you’ll love! If you’re in the market for storage and home organization products, new furniture, decor, area rugs, lighting, bedding, and anything in between, Wayfair is a one stop shop for all your needs… and everything you didn’t know you needed. From a pantry overflowing with stale cookies and crackers since…well, you don’t even want to know when to cabinets full of chaos; believe me when I say it was time. And it was a whole lot easier [and more enjoyable] than it sounds, with a little help from Wayfair.

Scandinavian 3 Piece Kitchen Canister Set

Two quick things I want to say that is so helpful when it comes to achieving quick kitchen organization: 1) Do a walkthrough of your kitchen when ordering, a tape measurer in hand. I went drawer by drawer figuring out what type of organizers I thought would function best and fit well and I’m happy to report that doing this saved me so much time in the long run. I ended up with just the right amount of organizing items I needed for the spaces I was arranging and didn’t have to return anything for not working in the spot I envisioned. 2) Just pull it all out. Don’t waste time trying to organize everything while your drawers, fridge, pantry, etc are still full. Just empty it all and then piece it back together with your systems in place. You may find yourself reorganizing a few things along the way, but I can promise you you’ll save time if you make the mess upfront and then clean it up as you go.

The Pantry

Let’s start with the pantry — aka the beholder of all of the junk food I should stop eating but know I never will. As you can see from the left, bags and boxes were shoved in any which way, oats tucked behind mini bags of chips, baking soda and fruit snacks buddied up and moldy bread just hanging out in a plastic bag up top. ‘Twas time for a change. Insert the new and oh so improved organized pantry on the right. Suddenly, everything has a home and not just a home, a very pretty and tidy one at that. It’s amazing what food storage containers and baskets can do for maintaining the chaos behind closed doors. Every time I open these doors now I breathe a sigh of relief [and then grab the Doritos obviously].

Shelfsteps Can Organizer

7 Container Food Storage Set // Airtight 8 Container Food Storage Set // Kitchen Pantry Organizer Upper Wire Mesh Basket

Crisp Divided Food Storage Container

The Refrigerator

Yikes, if I thought the pantry was bad, the fridge was worse. You know it’s always time for a change when you open the doors and wince because you’re 99% sure something is going to fall out and all over you. I was definitely at the wincing state. After emptying it all out, spraying down the shelves [how do refrigerator shelves get so dirty, I’m genuinely curious] I filled the fridge up with food storage containers and went to town putting everything in their own spot.

Crisp Stackable Refrigerator and Pantry Produce Food Storage Container//  Lamar Refrigerator Organizer Bins Lamar Refrigerator Organizer Bins// Flatware and Kitchen Utensils Drawer OrganizerSimilar Fridge and Freeze Binz

The Freezer

Welcome to our freezer, also known as the place, we visit every evening around 8 pm for something that rhymes with lice dream. And suddenly ice cream doesn’t sound as appealing tonight. Anyhow. A few additions of some deep freezer bins and we were set!

Crisp Deep Drawer Food Storage Container

The Silverware Drawer

Now to our drawers – no, not that kind, this kind. Fortunately, our silverware drawer wasn’t in too rough of shape. I simply swapped out the silverware tray that was larger and found a new home for the cords, tech wipes, face mask, and random bracelet that made their way into this drawer over the past year. Only in a year proceeding 2020 would you find a face mask in your silverware drawer.

Kruse Adjustable Drawer Organizer

The Utensil Drawer

While I got all braggy about my silverware drawer above, here’s my “bring me back to humility” utensil drawer. It was anything but organized. In case you’ve never believed in the power of giving everything a home, well, allow yourself to believe my friend.

Fridge and Freeze Deep BinzFlatware and Kitchen Utensils Drawer Organizer

The Mugs & Cups Cabinet

Some people like shoes or handbags, I like mugs. Now would be an embarrassing time to remind you that there are only 2 of us who live in this house. Good news though, the two people living in this house will never have to wash another mug in their life [this is a joke, but woof, maybe lay off the mug purchases for a week, Erin]. The simple addition of these mug organizers made for the ability to actually see and be able to grab the travel mugs up top and yes, I am happy to report that since making this change I’m drinking more water thanks to being able to see I own water bottles I should be using.

UpSpace Water Bottle and Travel Mug Organizer, 2 Shelf

The Vitamin & Spice Cabinet

Last but not least [for now, don’t worry – I have more to share at another time], the spice and vitamin cabinet. Prior to it getting organized, you were either using the spices in the front row or taking the vitamins in the front row. Sorry, have a headache? I’m not sure what it may be tucked behind so you’re going to have to suck it up. Until now. With just a turn of the lazy susan, I can grab exactly what I need and see everything in plain sight. Susan, you’re not so lazy after all.

Cabinet Lazy Susan

Cabinet Lazy SusanCrisp Deep Drawer Food Storage Container

So there we have it – an in-depth look at my drawers, fridge, and pantry full of snacks. Are you organizing an area in your home this year?! Now all I can think about is which area I want to tackle next [apparently organizing and tattoos are a lot alike, once you have one you can’t wait to go back for more…]

Until the next cabinet I can get lost in, happy organizing!

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  1. Shannon L Pate says:

    This seems misleading because it appears some items in your before are not in your after pics.

  2. Sarah says:

    Oh my goodness, this is my dream kitchen-beautiful, organized, and functional! I’m having my kitchen cabinets redone by a local, and I have to take everything out of my cabinets. After my cabinets are done, I’m going to attempt to organize them as well as you did. I’ll for sure be purchasing some organizational containers to use, thank you for including where you purchased those!

  3. Jayne says:

    We’re just about finished with a kitchen remodel, so I’m going to have to completely rethink how I store things in the new space. I’ll definitely come back to this post when the time comes! Also, I’m thrilled to see that someone else’s refrigerator is 50% condiments like mine lol.

  4. Alba says:

    Hi Erin,

    what a great post, so satisfying to watch as well! The main issue for me is space: I live in a small flat in London and therefore I have a tiny kitchen. I found your advices really useful but at the end of the day the best hack to have my space tidy is to own less!

  5. Gaby says:

    Definitely need to organize my cans that way! I somehow memorize what it’s my pantry and where it is. Would love the details of your sweater!

  6. Ramona Puckett says:

    You did a great job! What a great inspiration! Thank you!

  7. Mia Tenille says:

    What a transformation! I LOVE a clean fridge just as much as I love clean and organized kitchen drawers!

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