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15+ Recent Amazon Finds // August Edition

August 6, 2020


Erin Schrader

One thing that never gets old? Browsing the never-ending virtual isles of amazon.com. I’d be lying if I said this wasn’t one of my favorite blog posts to hit publish on each and every month. I think it’s safe to say I get just as much joy as you [if not more!] scrolling through the odds and ends that Team LIY gets delivered to their doorsteps every few weeks– maybe more like every few days, but that’s neither here nor there. I never fail to come across something I didn’t know I needed and hit “add to cart” freakishly fast. So will we ever stop Priming like it’s our job? Will I ever stop eating buffalo chicken dip for breakfast? I sure hope not. If there’s one constant in this world [besides my love for a good chip dip in the morning], it’s Team LIY bringing you the latest and greatest Amazon finds.

Erin’s Finds

Swedish Dish Cloth Set

I was very intrigued when I spotted this reusable dish cloth set – for starters because it was in the cutest lemon print and it turns out I’ll buy anything with lemons on it these days, but also because I was couldn’t understand how you could buy paper towels that could be reused over and over again. What arrive as just stiff pieces of thick paper become super absorbent as soon as they are wet [word has it they hold up to 15x the amount of water / weight than a normal paper towel] and the best part – you simply put them in the dishwasher to clean! I love that this product eliminates a ton of waste in your home and I’m super impressed with the quality of these to get the dirty job done! Highly recommend [bonus – there are several prints to choose from and make for a fun gift to give!]

 Floating Water Pad – 18 x 6 size

If you live on the water, meet your new best friend. We bought this floating water pad once we moved into the lake and it is one of the best purchases we’ve made for this place thus far! This bad boy holds up to 20 kids or 8 adults. It comes with a bungee to tie up to your pier or wherever you want it [Shawn drilled a hole on the other end as well to stake it into the water to ensure it doesn’t move around – he bought this to do so] and it’s so comfortable to just lay or sit on and hang out with friends and family. The only thing you’ll have to worry about after getting this float set-up is which drink do you want to enjoy on it first? Cheers!

Malibu Hard Water Wellness Shampoo // Malibu Hard Water Wellness Conditioner

Speaking of moving into the lake, after we did I noticed that the water was much harder than we were used to [mostly because the water softener wasn’t working, oops]. I instantly noticed the difference the hard water was having on my hair as it was breaking like crazy. When I went to my last hair appointment I mentioned it to my stylist and she immediately recommended this Malibu Hard Water shampoo & conditioner which helps strip your hair of hard water buildup without taking away any hydration. This is awesome for you to use if you have hard water OR you find yourself in the pool a lot in the summer. Bye bye breakage and buildup, you’re no longer welcome here.

Hannah’s Finds

Before + After Bathroom Makeover

 Vinyl Flooring [in Ash] // Black Cabinet Pulls

If you have been looking to upgrade your flooring but need to stick to a budget, highly recommend you try this! My husband and I have been renovating our hall bathroom and wanted to find an easy option to update the floors. This peel and stick flooring didn’t have a ton of reviews however we were pleasantly surprised! It went on really easy [the adhesive is ridiculously sticky] and wasn’t too difficult to cut!!

Globe Sconce 2-Pack Vanity Lights // Black Cabinet Pulls

These simple and sleek lights are perfect for Indoor/Outdoor lighting you may need! We had to turn the lights upside down however it worked really well for the space and definitely upgraded our bathroom lighting! I have been trying to find affordable black cabinet pulls for weeks and they were ridiculously expensive or not the correct size or amount! Amazon comin’ in hot with these cabinet pulls. They came individually wrapped, all of the hardware was included, great quality and I like that they came in length options!

Becca’s Finds

Tissue Box Covers

Maybe I am the only one who does this, but I spend too much time in the paper goods aisle trying to find tissue boxes that will not clash with the decor of my house. And inevitably, none of them actually match. It’s a silly thing, but honestly these tissue box covers are making me happy! It’s the little things in life, right? They come in both black and white, and easily cover any cube style box you pick up at the store. There is a slide out panel in the bottom, so you can still easily move them or hand them to a sneezing family member, etc. whereas many tissue box covers only slide over the top and would fall through if you tried to do so. They also have an option for wall mounting if you are into that. I am definitely a fan of the clean look and I know I don’t have to waste my time searching through the tissues for the least offensive box designs anymore!

Puddle Jumper Cover

I picked out the absolute cutest little swimsuits for my daughter to wear this summer, only to realize I would be covering them up with a brightly colored Puddle Jumper with a turtle on the front. And while of course I am so grateful for the safety features the Puddle Jumper provides, I personally believe that both form and function hold almost equal importance! So I was super excited to find this adorable Puddle Jumper cover. It comes in a variety of prints, including many colors of seersucker like the blue one pictured here! I will say I am not totally thrilled that it doesn’t cover the arm floaties as well as I had hoped, it is certainly an overall improvement and matches all the cute little swimsuits so much more than it would have without it!

Katy’s Finds

Fitness Tracker [Blue + Black]

Count me in! I love this fitness tracker!! It counts my steps, tracks my sleep, heart rate, AND is waterproof! You can even set it up to get notifications from calls/texts! It comes in a ton of color options so that you can rock your favorite. Having a tracker really helps me get my 10,000 steps a day and the fact that this one is under $30 puts the icing on the cake (but this is guilt free cake, right? haha!).

Essential Oils Diffuser [Yellow, wood grain]

Finally a diffuser that looks good with my decor! I love diffusing essential oils at home and this one blends in well on my coffee table. It has multiple mist and light modes, but overall is a pretty simple diffuser! However, if you’re looking for a fancier version that you can set on and off from your phone this one is a good option.

Rubberized Laptop Hard Case [Old Generation Macbook Pro 13″, Serenity Blue]

Okay, am I the only one with an old school MacBook? Maybe so. If any more of my peeps are out there, this case is for you! I seriously love it. Something about this color brightens my day and makes me excited to get to work, but if this isn’t really your style there are SEVENTEEN other colors to choose from. Also, if you’re further into the 21st century with a more current MacBook here are cases very similar to this to fit yours!

“Lake Mode” Tank [TTS, wearing in Small, Charcoal] // Jeans [TTS, wearing in 2] // Similar Hat // Sandals [Size up if in between, rust]

Well, my heart is always in lake mode and now I have a shirt to match it! Seriously, going on the water is one of my favorite things to do, so this tank caught my eye pretty quickly! It’s really soft and I love that you can dress it up or down. They also have a white and teal option with different fonts!

High Waist Yoga Leggings [Size up if in between, Capri 29 – Black] // Tank [TTS, wearing yellow in small  // Shoes [TTS]

These are my new favorite workout pants! They feel good on, suck everything in, stay put, and have POCKETS! They have great stretch, but I would suggest to size up if you’re in between sizes! There are many color and style options! If you’re more into an ankle legging over capri’s they have that to! Highly recommend giving these a try.


Cardigan [TTS, wearing Medium in 861 Pink] // Similar Tank [TTS] // Jeans [size down] // Booties [SO comfortable, TTS]

Don’t disown me for saying this BUT… sweater weather is right around the corner and I could not be more excited! This cute little number just arrived and I’ve never loved feeling like a scoop of Neapolitan ice cream more. Someone pour me a pumpkin spice latte and bring on the crisp fall days. Cute, cozy, and true to size!

Steph’s Finds

Letterboard [Rustic 12 x 17 Black] // Skinny Letters

When my oldest son entered Kindergarten we took him to a tree nursery and let him pick out a tree that he would like to have planted in our yard. Each year on the first and last day of school we take his picture next to this tree so we can watch them grow together. Sounds thought out and picture perfect, right? What that doesn’t show you is that every year in the morning before school on the first and last day, I’m scrambling  around the house finding something to write on because I’ve never had a reusable board. I was so excited when I spotted this rustic letterboard and letter set! I also picked up these skinny letters to make all of my farmhouse dreams come true. With my youngest heading to Kindergarten this year I’m excited to plant another tree and keep the tradition going with just a couple of quick switches to the board as we take photos of each child.

Letter Organizer

In an effort to make the first and last days a little more smooth (remember, no more scrambling!) I picked up this letter organizer.  I love that it fits both sizes of letters and keeps them organized for easy message changing.

Cassidy’s Finds

Pillow Covers [24 x 24] //  Pillow Inserts [26 x 26]

I have been looking for some oversized pillows for awhile now, but honestly I change my style so often I can never decide on anything! So I thought the best decision would be to go the pillow insert/cover route! Biggest tip I can give you all, ALWAYS ALWAYS purchase your inserts one to two sizes larger than your pillow cover! I ordered one size up and definitely could have gone up another! It will give it that nice full, fluffy look that we are all after!

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