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5 Ways I’m Calming My Anxiety

May 18, 2020


Erin Schrader

Disclosure: Thank you to Backcountry and ShopStyle for sponsoring today’s post. All products were selected, purchased and worn by yours truly!

Depending on how long you’ve been a follower of LIY, you may or may not know that struggles with anxiety and panic attacks has been something I’ve been oh so fortunate [sarcasm] to deal with over the past several years. I can go long periods of time with being 100% fine and then some big life change happens…you know, something like a world pandemic that causes the entire country to stop 😉 and I feel my anxiety start to creep back in. Over the past two months I have noticed anxious thoughts and feelings of fear and worry start to make their way back into my mind. The weird thing for me is that it hasn’t been fear or anxiety around what’s actually happening [not that I feel rainbows and butterflies about that] but more that my mind has had more time to be idle which is when it gravitates towards thinking about anxious ridden things.

To help alleviate some of the anxious thoughts and feelings, I’ve been being very intentional about incorporating practices into my every day that help me feel grounded, calm and give my mind something to focus on. Today I thought I’d share 5 simple things that have made a big impact on me in hopes that it may help some of you who are also dealing with similar feelings right now. Before we jump in, I do want to mention that all of the items featured in today’s post are from Backcountry which is my favorite retailer for both activewear and everyday apparel, as they carry some of my favorite brands, like Alo, Sorel, YetiThe North FacePrana, and more! Use code YELLOW15 for 15% off your first purchase at Backcountry.com! [exclusions apply]!

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Yoga & Stretching

ALO YOGA Soho Pullover [true to size, wearing in small] // Beyond Yoga Foldover Long Sweatpant [true to size, wearing in small] // Hugger Mugger Tapas Original Yoga Mat // CamelBak Eddy + Water Bottle – 1L

I have my girlfriend to blame [correction: thank] for turning me onto yoga. I love watching YouTube videos [Boho Beautiful is my go-to] for 5-20 minute yoga routines to really stretch and and strengthen my core. I love doing yoga for the fact that when you’re doing it your mind gets lost in the art of different positions and holds. It hurts so good and I love seeing the positive results on my body as I’m noticing my muscles getting looser with time. Grab a great yoga mat and get to town! ps. Backcountry has a TON of yoga gear which you can check out here! This pullover being the softest thing on the planet, promise.


ALO YOGA Model Tank Top [true to size] // Stoic Colorblock Melange Sports Bra // ALO YOGA High-Waist Airlift Legging

Just typing the word meditation makes me take a deep breath. Over the past year I’ve used the Calm app to do regular meditations whether it be during the day outside [next to our pond while listening to the birds sing is absolutely perfect] or at night as I drift off to sleep, it is so calming and instantly relaxes me.

Swapping Tea For Coffee

Backcountry Wasatch Crest Hybrid Jacket [size up if in between]

It’s no secret that caffeine can have a negative impact on anxiety so while I’m normally a 2 cup of coffee type of gal, I’ve started trading my afternoon cup of coffee for a decaf mind-relaxing tea instead [Yogi is a great brand I love]. Additionally, before I go to bed every night I drink a sleepy time tea while turning on my meditation to truly wind down from the day. Building this habit into my nightly routine has helped me get some of the best nights of sleep I’ve ever had which can go a long way when it comes to feeling our best selves.


Don’t be afraid to take pen to paper and just get it all out. There is something so powerful in releasing your thoughts on to paper that can help instantly calm you. If you are feeling like you have chaos floating around in your mind, just write it all down. Your mind will be freed up to relax a little knowing that you no longer have to try and hold on to every thought or to-do possible because it’s now all out on paper. A great general rule of thumb is to wake up in the morning and journal 3 pages worth. Simply just write down everything that is on your heart or in your mind and see where it may lead.

Walking Outside

Sorel Out ‘N About Plus Sneaker // Hugger Mugger Tapas Original Yoga Mat  // CamelBak Eddy + Water Bottle – 1L

Daily walks [when the weather here in Indiana has allowed] have been a sanity saver for me. I’ve noticed an incredible difference in my mood on days that I can get outside and go for a walk compared to days that I can’t. Bust out some sneakers [these Sorel sneakers are so comfortable!] and hit the pavement.
What do you do to ease your anxiety?! Taking any and all additional tips! Be sure to check out the clothes + gear from today’s post in the widget below and don’t forget to use the code YELLOW15 at Backcountry.com for 15% off your first purchase!
Remember to check out Backcountry’s Memorial Day Sale through May 25th ! It’s the perfect time to grab some of your favorite brands like Marmot, The North Face, Patagonia, and more! You won’t want to miss out on these deals!



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