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That Time I Talked About Nothing.

April 9, 2020


Erin Schrader

I’m sitting here drinking a Pepsi [mini, 100 calories, stop judging] and eating a banana [#balance] while listening to good ole Thomas Rhett forcing myself to type these words. Just yesterday I proclaimed that for the next 30 days I am dedicating 30 minutes a day to just write. Well guess what folks? Right now I don’t feel like doing it but here we are anyway. Hence the Pepsi, I needed a little something to put a pep in my step and gumption in my rump[tion].

Naturally all I want to be doing is looking at local restaurant carry-out menus, it’s a newfound hobby I’ve discovered in all of this quarantine stuff. When it’s either cook at home or support a small business that just so happens to serve the most mouth-watering ribs and mac and cheese, well then support a small business it is. Sacrifice, I know.

So what else is going on you ask? You didn’t. And you shouldn’t. Because in quarantine life you know what’s going? Nothing. I’ve got an 80% completed puzzle sitting behind me which will probably remain a 80% puzzle for the next twelve years because final execution and I are always a little dicey and well, I’m to the point where all of the pieces are the same freaking color and I swear there are 500 of them so until I have a moment in my life where I feel like trying 272,272,271,292 different puzzle piece combinations it will sit. It was fun while it lasted.

You know what else was fun while it lasted? Outdoor walks with the dogs.

just us saying haaaaaaaaay to our naaaaaay-bors.

Indiana has decided to turn freezing on us again so those glory days of trying to walk off 100 of the 4928 calories I’m consuming is shot. Can anybody explain to me why quarantine has been translated in my mind to “eat everything that lives in your pantry, refrigerator, freezer and the center console of your car”. Last time I checked trying to stay healthy from getting a virus didn’t include downing 4 bags of Doritos but here we are. Every once in awhile I’ll shoot up in the middle of the night with the reminder that swimsuit season isn’t that far away but then come morning I forget and in goes the Sargento Snack Pack [white cheddar with cashews – the best combo out there]. Upon my Google Search for those, I discovered Staples sells them. Why? And why is it now showing me they also sell bananas? DID YOU KNOW THIS? Did Staples website get hi-jacked by Piggly Wiggly? WHAT A LIFE.

I think I need to go now. Until I can find a topic that isn’t food related I need to shut up. And I need a snack. TTYL.

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