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15+ Items We’re Loving on Amazon // August Edition

August 5, 2019


Erin Schrader

If you thought we’d be done shopping Amazon after Amazon Prime Day, you were wrong! We can’t resist! Although Amazon did take WAY too much of our money last month thanks to Prime Day, we still found plenty of goodies as a team to bring you another round of What We’re Loving! This month, we made sure to include some of our favorite Amazon owned fashion brands [Amazon owned means the quality and consistency of sizing, materials, etc is going to be 5 star, rather than “I ordered up two sizes but I’m pretty sure it’s just made for a toddler” You know you’ve been there.]. Without further ado, checkout what we found this month! [PS, here is the white top shown above!]

Erin’s Chambray Dress

True to size, wearing in small. Somebody get me a country concert to go to because this girl is ready! I’ve always been a huge fan of chambray tops for fall so when I saw this dress I thought “why not?!” This baby is so comfortable and exactly what I wanted for fall to pair with booties or even a longer cardigan! If you’re attending a concert soon or just need a great versatile dress, I found your match!

Becca’s Travel Makeup Bag

Remember Transformers? You can nickname this thing Bumblebee because it is the Transformers of makeup bags! It has moveable inserts so that you can completely customize the inside compartments to fit your needs. And forget worrying about spills — just select a size that keeps liquids tightly sectioned off in their place. It has a hard case exterior, so you don’t have to worry about other things in your suitcase jostling things around in there! It also has a nice section for your bushes, and a little zipper pocket in the lid. I was able to fit 37 beauty products and all 12 of my makeup brushes in this nifty case, with PLENTY of room to spare!

Cassidy’s Lunch Container

I recently picked up this ceramic + silicone lunch container at Amazon! I was searching for something like this in hopes to start packing my lunch for work more often, it is so stinkin’ cute which I hope encourages me to actually pack my lunch 😉 I also plan to bring it along while eating out to avoid getting a takeout box, saving the earth one meal at the time! It is BPA-free, dishwasher safe, and microwave safe! It comes in multiple colors and also an all silicone version!

Lauren’s Cozy Cardigan and Tank Top

If you’re looking for the perfect cardigan to binge watch Netflix in, thrown on the back of your office chair, use for a travel day, or really any other time you’d want a cardigan – this is it! I tried on the Zella cardigan from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, and this looks and feels so much like it, but for a fraction of the price! The Daily Ritual brand has some of the SOFTEST fabrics [you know we love this brand around here], and this cardigan is no different. It’s also long enough to cover your butt if you want to wear it with leggings! I’m going to be wearing this cardigan on repeat this fall and winter! Size down, wearing in size small and it’s still got some room!

I layered it over another Daily Ritual piece- this tank top! I This tank top is great for layering under this cardigan, but would also be perfect under a moto jacket! It has a great amount of flow without being too loose, and is made of the brand’s supersoft terry material! If you’re looking for layering tanks, I’d recommend giving this one a try!  TTS, wearing size Medium

Erin’s Enneagram Book

I am an Enneagram nerd through and through. Ever since I first heard about the 9 different personality types/numbers, I’ve been so fascinated about learning all of the close people in my life’s “number”. If you’ve never heard of the Enneagram, I totally recommend this book for learning more and working towards identifying your number. It has been so eye opening to hear and read more about why I have the fears, reactions, ambitions, etc that I do. I’d love to share more on this at a later date, but for now — start with the book and we’ll chat later 😉

Hannah’s Couch Throw in Beige

We just moved into our new home and finally bought new furniture which means new throw pillows and blankets!! I found this under $20 throw that has over 800 near perfect reviews and it comes in a ton of colors on Amazon and it’s good!! not too heavy but so soft, my kids are constantly snuggled up in it on the couch and at the price it’s a win!

Claire’s Joggers

If you’ve been following along with our Amazon finds for awhile, you’ll know that Core 10 is one of our favorite brands when it comes to Amazon fashion. These joggers did not disappoint! I’m currently addicted to the Lululemon Studio Dance Joggers and decided to give the Amazon style a try for a fraction of the price. I would say the quality is not quite as comparable to Lulu, but still a hit in my book for the cost. Fit Tip: TTS, wearing size medium. I’m 5’4 for reference and they hit right at my ankle. If you’re on the taller side, these may fit more like a crop style. Cute, comfortable, and perfect for running errands around town!

Macbook Laptop Case

If I’m going to spend hours upon hours on my laptop, it better look good, right? I am a huge advocate of using laptop cases, mostly because I drop mine more than the average person. I’m also a huge advocate of dressing things up a bit and this laptop case does just that. It’s a hard shell for the top and bottom of your laptop that you just snap on! Protects against damaged corners, spills, etc. There are so many color options to choose from, good luck deciding!

Steph’s Beach Towel

When I saw this towel featured on Today.com  I knew I had to try it for myself! I brought it along on our family vacation this week and thought Siesta Key Beach was the perfect place to give it a whirl. Much like our afternoon at the beach that suddenly ended due to an unexpected rainstorm, there are some things about the towel I really like and some things I wish I could change. First up – the positives. It folds up SUPER tiny and comes with a cute matching carrying bag, making it easy to store in your glove box or tote for those unexpected showers. I will also vouch for the lack of sand sticking to the towel, as I laid it directly on the sand and it did not cling! Now for where I see room for improvement. Yes, if you are in a pool, the towel probably does dry you very quickly! But, seeing that the towel is quick to absorb water that touches it, it also immediately absorbed all of the moisture in the sand that rested beneath it! I’m talking, my booty was as wet as if I had jumped right into the water. Not exactly what I’m looking for in a beach towel. I’m still calling it a win, but will probably keep it in my car or bag for unexpected Summer fun rather than add it to my beach bag as a must have.

Since I was headed to the beach, I decided it was time to try out a new coverup. Definitely calling this one a win! Easy to throw on, great length and breathable without feeling like it’s totally see through (I have it in black!)! Of course I also wore my favorite swimsuit! I’ve had this baby for a year now and can honestly say that I love it just as much as I did when I first got it. TTS for me, I wear it in Medium. ATTENTION LARGE CHESTED LADIES – Not only did I wear this suit to the beach, I wore it walking around LegoLand all day yesterday as well as kayaking in the morning before the beach. Would I like to wear it running? No, of course not! But did I feel secure and supported enough to wear for our Summer fun? ABSOLUTELY!

Erin’s Olly Hair Gummies

Before I get too far, I want to call out that these gummies are HALF price when you purchase directly through Sephora so please save your dollars and purchase there! I wasn’t smart enough to realize that when I ordered from Amazon, but wanted to still mention them to you here as a product to try! I have been having some troubles with my hair breaking recently after my latest highlight back to blonde and have been searching for solutions! I spotted these gummies and knew I wanted to give them a try as I am a HUGE fan of the Olly Sleep vitamins. I love that the hair vitamins are loaded with biotin and keratin to help keep hair looking it’s best from the root down!

Becca’s Denim Jacket

Every woman needs a great denim jacket! It is a classic piece that never goes out of style. I own a super light washed one, but thought it would be nice to have a darker wash as well. I snagged this one, and I am an instant fan! It has a great amount of stretch to it, making it super comfortable. The cropped style is super flattering for any ladies like me who have curvy hips, and it even has a fun raw hem detail. New wardrobe fave for me!

Lauren’s O Key Ring

Being a working mama to a toddler, my hands are usually full of some sort of combination of laptop bag, sippy cup, tiny human, snacks, purse and car keys when I head out the door each day.  That’s a lot of things and not a lot of hands. I’ve been noticing these O key rings more and more, and figured I’d give it a try to free up one of my hands! Plus, snakeskin is so trendy this fall, I couldn’t resist throwing a bit into my everyday [don’t worry, if snakeskin isn’t your jam, they are available in plenty of other colors!]. These rings are big enough to fit over your wrist so you can wear it like a bracelet when you need a free hand [think running into the grocery store and not wanting to take your whole purse in!]. They also are large enough that you’ll have NO problem finding your keys in your purse anymore!

Hannah’s Cardigan in Jersey Bomber Style

[True to Size, wearing in XS] I wasn’t completely sold on this jacket when it arrived, but I now that it’s styled it’s pretty darn cute!! It’s not too heavy but well made and a great Spring, late Summer and early Fall layering piece! The blush marl is so pretty in person and the perfect throw on and go mom-iform!

Leopard Tennis Shoes

True to size. “I keep telling myself that one of these days I’ll stop buying everything in sight that has leopard print all over it, but one of those days isn’t quite here. I spotted these sneaks for less than $25 and thought they were too fun not to try! For less than $25 the comfort level is what what you would expect, however, I’m not buying these hoping they will last years and years but rather fun shoes to pair with some outfits for a couple of seasons!

Becca’s Diaper Bag

In my short time as a mother, I have learned the incredible ability of my arms to hold a multitude of things at the same time! Of course, you have to hold baby who is strapped into her heavy carseat, diaper bag, my coffee [because who can function without it?], iPhone, a toy to jingle in front of baby to keep the screams at bay, and somehow find a spare finger to grab my keys as I walk out the door. And all of this became SOOO much easier after I switched to a backpack diaper bag! What a miraculous invention — two free arms, can I get an Amen?! This cutie I picked up on Amazon is all the style without the high price tag! Hard to spend too much on a bag you know will be smelling of dirty diapers in a day or two anyhow! It comes with stroller straps, a crossbody strap, changing pad, tons of pockets for keeping things organized and is big enough to tote my laptop as well! All the things the modern mama needs, and I feel ready to take on whatever the day brings with this bag!

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