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Three Date Boxes Compared / Tested & Reviewed

January 28, 2019


Erin Schrader

Why Go Out When You Can Stay In?

Just yesterday I said to Shawn “It feels like we do the same thing, every weekend. We hang out at home during the day and then go to dinner with friends in the evening.” It’s not a bad thing, but anything that is repeated over and over and over again can start to feel a little monotonous and expected. We have most definitely found ourselves in a rut and while we spend a lot of time together, it’s not often we find ourselves doing new and exciting things. With the turn of the new year and Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, we thought it would be fun to spice things up a bit on the home front and find out whether or not date nights in a box are worth the hype or not.

Before I dive in, you may have no idea what I’m talking about and maybe you haven’t ever heard of this concept, but a date night in a box is simply that. It is a box that is shipped directly to your doorstep and is packed with all of the materials, talking points and ideas needed for a date night in at home. They are typically either a subscription model or a one-time box purchase. We decided to try three different boxes to figure out which one we enjoyed the most [and to tell you which ones we thought were worth trying or not!] It should be noted that this post is no way sponsored, but just a fun attempt at figuring out a fun and exciting way to do something outside of the box [or technically speaking, INSIDE of a box ;)]

Without further ado, I present you the three date boxes that we tried and our honest thoughts them all….

Crated with Love This is the first date box that we opened and tried. Here are the specifics about what you should know:

  • Their subscription model is priced from $19.99/month and you have the option for either month-to-month, three months, six months or twelve month subscriptions. If you do the subscription model, you will not know what your box will be every month, keeping the surprise alive!
  • This is the only service that we tried that allowed you purchase a one-time box [no subscription required]. We tried this box which took us on a little safari of sorts, which had us doing things like relationship goal setting, playing a couple of games and writing down both traits and skills about each other.
  • They do offer a digital subscription [no product is shipped to you] for $1.99/month.
  • Their boxes include 4-5 different games or challenges each.
  • Final Verdict: While I love that you can buy a one-time box and don’t have to pay for a monthly subscription, I don’t know if we LOVED the box what we received and the challenges inside of it. I do believe that it was the overall theme of the box that we didn’t connect with and could have chosen something more in our wheelhouse. The presentation was very cute and it was the least expensive of the three which is a bonus! If you are looking for something that is strictly game / challenge based, this box could be for you!

Datebox Club  This was the second date box that we opened and tried. Here are the specifics about what you should know:

  • Their subscription model is priced from $33 to $40 per box. They offer month-to-month, 3 months, 6 months or 12 month subscriptions. The longer you commit to, the less expensive the monthly box costs. Right now, you can use code datenight10 for 10% off February’s box!
  • You do not know what your box will hold every month which keeps the excitement alive!
  • Our box that we received had a pack of sugar cookie mix, frosting and sprinkles, the One Question A Day for You & Me 3 year journal, a fun game to play where we got to know each other better and access to an exclusive Spotify music playlist to listen to during our date night at home.
  • Final Verdict: This was my FAVORITE box that we received! I felt like this box had the most diversity to it [food aspect, game and a really nice product [the journal] that we will use over and over again! After reading more about their boxes, it seems that they often have a good variety of items in their boxes and their activities sound genuinely fun for both partners. I will be subscribing to this service as somewhere around $35 / month doesn’t seem like a bad price to have a fun night at home where we can connect and learn more about each other!

Date Night in Box 

This was our third and final date box that we opened and tried. Here are the specifics about what you should know:

  • Their subscription model is priced from $38 – $42 per box. They offer month-to-month, 3 months, 6 months or 12 months subscriptions. You can use code BEMINE for 20% off any plan right now!
  • You have two options when it comes to your boxes – either a traditional option or a faith option which takes a biblical approach to your monthly date night.
  • The box we received had a theme of “Foundation of Love” and included four challenges that all involved building something out of the materials provided. It also included a booklet with a few recipes with guided table topics to discuss, a candy snack and all of the instructions for the four challenges which were all focused on the building blocks of love and involved calling out traits of your partner and relationship. I did like that this had a fun challenge where you could upload a photo on social media and use a special hashtag of one of your completed challenges and one winner would win a $500 gift certificate to Home Depot which made it competitive.
  • Final Verdict: Like the box mentioned above, I like that Date Night in Box also has a variety of items included in every box – a snack, 3-4 challenges and a music playlist. This one is the most expensive of the group, but is also branded very nicely and provides clear instructions for everything. While I don’t think I will be subscribing to this box, I did enjoy it and would recommend it!

And there you have it lovers and friends, three date boxes tried and tested, ready for you to get your hands on soon! Have you ever tried a date night box? Which one[s] do you love?

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