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Amazon Fashion Hits & Misses

December 17, 2018


Erin Schrader

It’s been a hot second since I’ve done an Amazon Fashion Hits & Misses post but that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped shopping there or have any plans of stopping anytime soon. We’re all used to shopping Amazon for all of the necessary, unnecessary and everything in between things [microwave popcorn poppers, hilarious gag gifts and wine glass shower holders to name a few] but shopping fashion items on Amazon is something I’m still getting used to and I think a lot of you are too. It can be scary, sketchy and unsure of how things will work. Here’s what I’ve found — shopping Amazon owned brands has turned out significantly better for me than shopping one off brands that may take 28 days for an item to ship. Sticking to the Amazon owned brands means everything ships fast / returns free on prime, isn’t wonky sizing and the quality has been great! A few of my favorites are: Daily Ritual for insanely comfortable basics, Cable Stitch for adorable sweaters, Mae for pajamas and Core10 for workout wear and leggings.

Today I’m bringing you my recent Amazon Fashion purchases and my honest feedback on what I’d recommend and what I wouldn’t! Before we get started, let’s go over sizing details – I am 5’4, 125 lbs on a good day, typically a 2 in tops/dresses and 26 in jeans/pants with a preferred inseam of 26-28 inches. Bra size is 30DDD [I get it from my momma]. Hopefully, this helps when determining what size you’d need. Also, feel free to follow along here for daily outfits and check out this Pinterest board where you can also get some ideas! Which reminds me, you can pin any of these looks below to save for future reference! Simply click on the links below and you will be taken directly to the retailer where you can shop! Alright, fellow “I like to get dressed” friends, let’s begin!


1. Cable Stitch Funnel Neck Oversized Sweater – Size down if in between, wearing in XS

Sweater [size down if in between] // Jeans [true to size] // Boots [40% off]

The minute I put this sweater on I knew it was a keeper. I am digging this whole turtleneck look right now and this color is perfection. I will say, when I first pulled it out of the box it looked a little boxy in shape, but when I put it on I was very happy with the shape [tip: if you ever feel like you don’t love how an item is hanging, try giving it a little tuck to create some shape]. I will be buying this in more colors!

2. 206 Collective Shearling Slide Slippers – 50% off, only $25! – true to size

Slippers [true to size]

The best $25 slippers I’ve ever bought. So comfortable, so soft and warm! A must purchase while they are on sale!

3. Amazon Essentials Lightweight Packable Water-Resistant Puffer Coat – Under $50! True to size, wearing in small

Coat [true to size] // Jeans [33% off, size up if in between] // Waterproof Booties [10% off, true to size]

I can’t believe this coat is under $50! This winter coat is the perfect weight [you should see how it can fold up into a tiny bag that it comes with for packing purposes] and it doesn’t overwhelm you. If you’re looking for an affordable coat, especially if traveling somewhere cold, I would totally recommend this baby!

4. Lock and Love Hooded Faux Leather Jacket – Size up if in between, wearing in small, wearing in Wjc663_camel. 

Jacket [size up if in between] // Tee [true to size] // Jeans [true to size] // Flats [true to size]

I’m a sucker for a good jacket and this one didn’t disappoint. I feel like this one compares to some similar $100 faux leather jackets I’ve purchased but at a much better price. I love that it has a hood with a different material and feels like great quality!

5. Cable Stitch Colorblock Sweater – Size down if in between, wearing in XS

Sweater [size down if in between] // Jeans [true to size]// Booties [40% off, true to size]

I may have worn this two days in a row after I opened it. I’ve gotten so many compliments on this sweater and for good reason – the colorblock detail, mock neck and chunky knit is spot on.

6. Daily Ritual Scoop Neck Long Sleeve Tee – Under $20! Size up, wearing in small

Tee //Jeans [33% off, size up if in between] // Waterproof Booties [10% off, true to size]

Daily Ritual kills it in the essentials department. These basic long sleeve tees are the perfect layering tee for fall and winter and they are under $20! So soft, have a nice jersey material type stretch to them and stay good wash after wash! I also love that they run a little long!

7. Sherpa Fleece Lightweight Vest – Under $35! Size up if in between, wearing in small

Vest [size up if in between] // Sweater [true to size]// Jeans [true to size] // Slippers [33% off, size up for half sizes]

The first time I wore this my mom saw it and ordered it within 3 minutes [not joking]. It’s soft, it doesn’t shed and it’s so cuddly. Obviously all great things. It is sherpa on the inside as well which makes it double as soft!

8. Beautiful Nomad Wrap Shawl Poncho – Under $35! One Size

Poncho // Tee [size up if in between, wearing in small] // Jeans [33% off, size up if in between] // Waterproof Booties [10% off, true to size]

Oh how I love a great shawl. When I spotted this one I knew I wanted to try it. I love the colors on this and that it is a nice heavy weight and doesn’t feel cheap at all. This would also make a great gift for your poncho loving friends or family members because it is one size fits all!

9. Removable Hood Puffer Vest – Under $35! Size up if in between, wearing in small

vest [size up if in between] // long sleeve tee [size down if in between, wearing in XS] // jeans // slippers [33% off, size up for half sizes]

Oh how I love this puffer vest. It’s not often you find them with hoods and I think it’s adorable. The yellow doesn’t hurt either 😉 This is nice and thick and feels like great quality for only $32!


10. Cable Stitch Chunky Sweater – Size up, wearing in small

Sweater [size up if in between] // Jeans [33% off, size up if in between] // Waterproof Booties [10% off, true to size]

Annnnnd of course, we had to have at least one in the bunch that didn’t quite make the cut [these are always my favorite as they make for the best photos ;)]. I loved this on the computer screen but in person, yikes, not so much. While it is a nice chunky fabric, the cut and the print do nothing for me. I kinda look like I got swallowed by a marshmallow AT an ugly sweater party. Pass.

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  1. Jo says:

    Very bummed because the first sweater is not available in the orange that you have. Rats.

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