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The LIY Team // What’s On Our Holiday Wishlist

November 27, 2018


Erin Schrader

Let’s just say, I hope Santa has a big sleigh this year. Our wishlists got a little crazy, but you’ll never get it if you don’t put it out there, right? Each girl on the team has unique hobbies, interests, and overall lifestyles, so our wishlists are just as unique! Read on to learn a little bit about each girl on the team, as well as what we’re each hoping is under the tree this year. Click through the product images with the arrow on the right to see it all!


lace top [size up, wearing in small]

Hey lady loves, Erin here! As most of you know, I’m a 32 year old who loves spending time with my two dogs and husband of 12 years. As far as hobbies go, eating macaroni and cheese and spending countless hours in front of a laptop every day rank high on the list. Glamorous doesn’t even begin to explain it 😉 At the top of my Christmas wish list this year are some of the finer things [most of which my husband won’t agree to purchase, however, a girl can dream right?] along with practical items that will help make this 32 year old skin look slightly younger [again, a girl can hope, right?] and a few tech items to keep my business afloat and fun! Add in some fashion finds and this girl is all set! Santa, I promise I’ve been good….


Hi everyone! My name is Claire and I’m the Community Engagement Specialist around these parts. I am 21 years old and a recent college graduate. Right now, I’m crushing on ALL the cozy things. I’m a Dog Mom and most of my free time is spent at home with my pup with a glass of wine in hand. I’m a bit of shopaholic and LOVE to keep up with current fashion and beauty trends. I’m so excited to share my wishlist with you!


Off the shoulder top [true to size]

Hi ladies! I’m Steph – Brand Collaborations Coordinator here at Living in Yellow. I’m a busy mom that loves to cook, bake and host in between waiting in pickup lines and keeping track of my family of 5! Most of my me-time and hubby time occurs at home after our little ones go to bed. In my wish list you’ll find lots of cozy items, easy ways to refill my cup between my busy schedule and some cooking and baking essentials I’m crushing!

A few more ideas…:  Beanie // L’ange Wand //  Statement Earrings


Faux wrap top [size up if in between]

Hey hey hey, Cassidy here — Digital Media Special here at LIY! Here is a little bit about me: I am 22 years of age, a recent Purdue grad [boiler up!], I just moved into my first home, and to top it all off, just adopted the most perfect rescue pup! My wishlist is a combination of getting settled into my home [homebody alert!], spoiling my new pup, and keeping things trendy! To describe my style [from home decor to fashion sense] I would simply say: modern boho! I love simple, clean design, but I love sneaking in muted colors, tassels, cable knit, sherpa, etc.! I hope you enjoy my wishlist as much as I do!


Wrap top [size down]

Hello, I’m Becca, our team’s Creative Director! Early next year, my husband are expecting our first baby — a little girl! We couldn’t be more thrilled to meet her! As her arrival is so close after Christmas, my wishlist includes a lot of comfy & cozy items, nursing friendly options and a few things to help me relax as a new mama! I also love to host — you will often find our home filled with friends and family for fancy dinner parties or causal game nights! So don’t be surprised if you see serving dishes and games sprinkled throughout my list! Lastly, my hubby and I love to travel and plan to jump start our daughter’s wanderlust super early, so you will likely see some travel essentials on my list as well!


Striped Top [size down]

Hi friends! I’m Lauren, Marketing Specialist on Team LIY! I’m a mama to a sweet one year old boy, and six year old Goldendoodle! My husband and I spend most weekends out and about exploring and checking items off that season’s bucket list. I balance those adventures with being a secret homebody and loving nothing more than a bath, a glass of wine, and some HGTV or a good book. I’m trying to get back into the workout game, and am a firm believer that cute new workout clothes make all the difference in making that happen. I’m also a wannabe Pinterest mom and an Amazon addict, so you’ll probably find plenty of items on my list that can arrive in two days, because who has time to go to the store?


Plisse Faux Wrap Top [size up if in between]

Hi Ladies! I’m Hannah – Sales/Product Specialist at Living in Yellow!! I’m a busy mom of a three year old and five year old!! My husband is police officer so a lot of times we are working family time or date nights around his schedule! When we are together we like cozy nights at home watching movies or dressing up for date nights, which don’t happen often! Even though I am a mom of two; fashion, new trends and beauty are all things I love and like to integrate into my wardrobe. While basics are a must, my Christmas wish list items are the elevated pieces that don’t only look good but make me feel good too!! My wish list this year includes nicer closet must haves that add a little flair to my everyday look and make a statement on date night!! Happy Holidays everyone!!

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