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How to Create A Kids Capsule [Boys & Girls!]

August 3, 2018


Erin Schrader

Kids Capsule

What if I told you that your kids could walk into their closet, pick out any combination of tops, bottoms, and shoes, and it would all coordinate?  No more fighting about changing clothes before leaving the house. No more Spiderman t-shirt with plaid pajama bottoms and boots [I talk like I know from personal mommin’ experience. #auntlife]. Now you can. It’s time for our first ever round of kids capsules!

I’ve recruited three little cutie pies to show you how you can easily create nearly 25 outfits out of just 10 pieces. It’s amazing what tempting them with a gift card to buy Shopkins can do for kids to bring their best smiles out. These kids capsules are all on sale [prices go back up on Monday] and are truly some of the cutest, most versatile pieces on the planet. I may have about died from cuteness 1,000 times during the making of this blog post. Today, we’re bringing you THREE kids capsules – one option for boys and two options for girls! You’ll see below the insane amount of outfit possibilities within each capsule and how they work! Consider this the greatest time saver to getting ready in the morning once school is back in session and a guarantee that your little ones will be the cutest things on the block. Let’s break these kids capsules down….

Corban – Boys Capsule Here are the 9 pieces you’ll need to create 25 outfits!

And for the lineup of outfits… 

Next up, Millie – Girls CapsuleHere are the 10 pieces you’ll need to create 23 outfits..

And for the lineup of outfits… 

Claire – Girls CapsuleHere are the 10 pieces you’ll need to create 25 outfits..

And for the lineup of outfits… 

Annnnnd now I want three children. TOO CUTE FOR WORDS. Hopefully you find this post to be quite helpful as you prepare for either back to school or just in dressing those little nuggets for fall! Remember to shop all of the kids selection at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale before it’s over!

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  1. Stacey says:

    Yes!! Will you do one for teen boys??

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