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The Truth About Your 30’s [What I’ve Learned After A Week Of Doing This Decade]

July 27, 2016


Erin Schrader

[30’s – it’s a lot like this photo // equally exciting and downright terrifying]
Oh hey blog, remember me? You know those times when you were a kid and your parents would always talk about how busy the summer was and you totally didn’t get it because your days were spent eating push-ups, playing whiffle ball with friends and getting your finger sliced open while running through those old school sprinklers [maybe that last part was just me] so you were like busy, whaaaaaaaaat? Well, I get where those adults were coming from now. Mostly because I am one of those adults now, yikes.
Anyhow, excuse my absence of any real meaningful material around here as of late. I’ve been a girl on the go [which really means eating a ton of fair food] but dang, it’s hard to tap into that creative side when you can barely time find to sleep at night. To put things into perspective, it’s Wednesday morning and I have yet to watch The Bachelorette from Monday night. At this point I’m questioning my existence because let’s be real, what is life without Chris Harrison? All of this to say, I really am so thankful for those of you who choose to show up here even when I’m not performing to the best of my abilities #thatswhatshesaid. Without getting too sentimental and pre-period emotional, I really am so thankful for this community and what you all do for my spirits on a daily basis regardless if I’m here or not. With that being said, let’s jump into this craziness of what life is like in your 30’s. If you’re 29, maybe don’t read this [although I promise it’s not all bad].
1. Life isn’t a walk in the park. This has proven to be true to me over and over again during the last week of life in several different ways. Some petty [like ugh, another grey hair, seriously?] and some downright heart wrenching, God questioning, huge deal things. From having a sobbing “I CAN’T DO THIS ALL!” mental breakdown to my husband, to losing a longtime neighbor, friend, mother of two and all around awesome woman who was only in her low 50’s very unexpectedly, life isn’t going to be easy no matter the age. And not to say that I necessarily thought it would be, however you have that hope with a new decade that maybe, just maybe life will be all figured out, you’ll find your stride and walk in it 100% of the time and all will be well in the world. Foolish thinking really, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have a small naive hope about this whole 30’s thing.
2. You suddenly grow a pair. Yes, I’m talking about balls. Hypothetical balls of course [yes I still have a vagina in case you’re wondering and yes, I just used the word vagina on my blog but it goes along perfectly with what point I’m about to make]. I have a new found confidence in not second guessing everything I do or say. Within reason of course. For example, I recently posted something silly on my Facebook page that I meant as harmless and had no ill-will behind. Somebody was offended, commented that they were offended and while my first instinct was “OH NO! I MUST REMOVE MY SILLY LITTLE COMMENT THAT TRULY MEANS NOTHING TO PLEASE THIS ONE PERSON BECAUSE OH MY GOSH WHAT IF THIS ONE PERSON HATES ME FOREVER NOW!!” I stepped back, took a second and decided to leave it because shoot, I’ve got balls now. This whole being confident with yourself is pretty dang nice, well done 30. Well done.
that’s me – just being confident and stuff.  // pillow from shop decomod [use code YELLOW for 20% off!]
+ maxi dress from mason jar boutique [use code yellow20 for 20% off!]
3. All of that food you eat – well, it sticks around a day or two longer than it did before.
Granted, there could be a slight correlation between the food that I am consuming, however I personally feel like donuts and chips covered in cheese are very health conscious choices that should only do good things for your insides. Unfortunately, my stomach is telling me otherwise as my pants are shrinking at a fast rate. Frickin’ drying machine.
4. While life may be overwhelming, it’s still a heck of a lot of fun. Especially when you scream often with your hands in the air, then it’s real fun. The last several nights have consisted of concerts thanks to our local fair [which is also to blame for that incredible food featured above]. And while it may be easy to think that a new decade means a more calm, sit in the back row with your hands neatly folded type of mentality I say haaaaaaaaaaaaill no to that. If anything, I’m learning that crap, life is short, yell baby yell.
or in this photo’s case, blow baby blow.
5. Adults like to shop, especially the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, like a lot. I didn’t even know this was a thing until this year but now that I know about it I obviously need everything in it. I guess you don’t have to be in your 80’s to appreciate and take advantage of that whole senior citizen discount thing – this sale is just like that except for people who still dress themselves. I mean that with as much love as possible. Moving on.
6. Immature things to laugh at are still really funny to laugh at. Say for instance when your mom thinks that the bible school your nieces are attending is called “mile high club” when really it’s “high five club”. That ish is funny.

And while the list could go on, I’ve also learned that people really don’t like to read a lot of words thanks the ever scrolling use of technology that we are all addicted to so realistically speaking, maybe one of you is reading this.

One last thing before we go – if there’s one other thing that I have learned it’s that having an awesome happy birthday banner to have hanging up in your house on the morning of your birthday [or somebody else’s] really is better than winning the lottery.

This banner, pom pom garland and polka dot garland all came from Shop Decomod which has some of the best made felt party materials on the planet at a great low cost. I love things that can be reused time and time again for celebrations and well, this stuff is it. Right now you can use the code YELLOW for 20% off anything their site, including this tribal fringe pillow that I’m diggin’ in our living room. Life in your 30’s, it’s still pretty cute.

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