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It Took 9 Years Of Marriage To Get Photos Together [And Other Anniversary Celebrations]

October 14, 2015


Erin Schrader

9 years ago today I walked down the “aisle” [translated: alongside a pool at a Jamaican resort] to him standing near the beach waiting for me. I remember his knees shaking, tears falling from my eyes and us holding hands the entire time our cute Jamaican officiant spoke. Our family and a few friends were there watching on and at the ripe age of 20 it was everything I had ever hoped for and more. We were married by around 10 am and in getting a couples massage by noon, the only way to do it my opinion 😉

Since that day 9 years ago there is so much that I have learned about marriage, about him, about me, about us together, etc. Is it always easy? No. Do we always agree on things? Absolutely not. I do things that drive him completely crazy [ie: trips to Target] while he never remembers to push in the bar stool after eating breakfast every morning. We have had some lows of lows but have also experienced several highs of highs. Through it all we have mastered the art of showing up for one another on a daily basis, supporting one another, cheering on each other’s successes and talking through the failures. We laugh at the dumbest things, dance in the kitchen come Friday at 5, make up songs to sing to in the mornings and so on. We may disagree on how many times a week we should go out to dinner [I vote 7!] or how many times we should take our picture together [he votes never!] we have learned how to compromise [a not so easy thing to do sometimes] and despite our differing love languages have somehow made it work.

I’m so thankful that nine years ago we chose to go through this life together. It’s the best adventure that I’ve ever been on and never want to quit…

Thank you for the last 9 years of life – cheers to the next 9 and the 9 after that and the 9 after that and….well, you get the point. Happy anniversary lover of mine. You make time stand still and fly by all at the same time.

In celebration of spending so much time together, we gifted ourselves with these awesome hand-crafted Jord Wooden watches and we couldn’t love them more [other than each other of course ;)] For more information on these beauties click on the links below and gift to the ones you enjoy spending time with the most [it’s okay, answering yourself to that question is totally acceptable..]. As an added bonus, they do offer free worldwide shipping. Keeping track of time has never looked sexier…

my watch :: zebrawood and maple
Shawn’s watch :: zebrawood and dark sandalwood

special thanks to tina herschberger for taking these lovely photos of us – 9 years later he finally said yes! #miracleshappen

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