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February Stitch Fix Review [One Of My Favorites Yet]

February 8, 2015


Erin Schrader

I wish I could appropriately describe how I feel every time a new fix shows up at my doorstep from Stitch Fix. One may assume that after 30 some fixes the excitement wears off, however for me it has been quite the opposite. This may be because month after month I feel like my fixes only get better or maybe it’s because I am realizing more and more that venturing out to stores and spending hours in dressing rooms isn’t my idea of fun. For those of you who haven’t yet given Stitch Fix a try, close your eyes and think about this for a moment — envision opening your front door in your pajamas, looking down and seeing a box that is holding five pieces of clothing and/or accessories that were chosen specifically for you by your own personal stylist. Eyes still shut? Good. Now think about the fact that you are able to bring that box inside your house, open it up, try on five different items in the comfort of your own home, be able to see if (and try out) other pieces in your closet that would coordinate well with it before you decide to buy it. Need to sleep to on it before deciding if you should buy a certain item or not? No problem – you have three! Still with me? Now that you have decided exactly what you want to keep and what you want to send back it’s easy – head to your local post office and simply drop off the prepaid package with what you are returning and DONE. 
It is the best shopping experience one could ask for. 
My February fix was once again full of items that excited. In the last couple of posts I have shared my tips for achieving fix success — 
1. Be specific in your notes to your stylist — if you are in need of black pants, tell them you want a pair of black pants. Want something royal blue for your closet? Let them know. 
2. Keep your Pinterest fashion board updated and pin items from Stitch Fix that you love – I love their this just in! and ladies in stitch fix boards! Want something similar to what you see below? Pin away baby. 
Without further ado, here is my February fix…
1. Splendid – Finley Long Sleeve Tie Waist Abstract Print Dress [kept]

Three things about this dress – I can wear it to work, it has pockets, and it’s warm enough for Winter. Absolutely a win in my book.

2. 41Hawthorn – Presley Colorblock Button-Back Sweater [kept]

jeans // similar boots found here and here

This baby is now one of my favorite sweaters I have ever owned – the colors, the asymmetrical pattern, and the buttons in the back? Yes to all of it.

3. Ark n Co – Davina Open Blazer [kept]

[striped dress from a previous Stitch Fix box]
I have never been one to say royal blue or blazers – perfect for work or a fun night out! 

4. Market & Spruce – Fierro Elbow Patch Crew Neck Sweater [returned]

This sweater I kept going back and forth on – I love the minty colors and elbow patches, however due to my budget I had to cut something out and so this was it. Looking back it makes me a little sad I chose to let this one go…

5. Kut From The Kloth – Michael Faux Leather Jacket [returned]

[striped dress from a previous Stitch Fix box]
This was a great quality faux leather jacket, however I already have a brown jacket that is very similar. Because of that I had to say good-bye to it. Otherwise, I would have totally kept this piece. 
And that concludes February’s fix — which item is your favorite? 

To sign up to receive your own fix, click here — please note that this post is not sponsored by Stitch Fix however I do receive a credit if you sign up using my link. 

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