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The Best Piece Of Advice You Will Ever Receive

June 16, 2014


Erin Schrader

When sitting down while sweating, make sure it’s not in white pants with your cell phone in your back pocket. It’s like having a Skoal ring in your pocket except it’s an iPhone ring and while it does cause less cancer, it’s not something country artists sing about [yet]. 
Oh..and don’t show up to your friends house unexpectedly without making sure it’s okay first. Remember growing up and accidentally walking in on your parents having intercourse? It’s like that except it’s not your parents. 
And that concludes my two greatest pieces of advice for June thus far. Stay tuned for what other learning lessons I can stumble upon. 
Before venturing off just yet, I have a little lady [and a few pups] I would like you to say hello to.
That would be Kristyn from Carolina Fireflies [how cute is her blog design?]  As she puts it “This is my blog about real life and real love in the South. So sit down & stay awhile, because ’round here the days are long, the porches are wide, and friends are as numerous as fireflies.” 
Kristyn when not blogging is currently busy rescuing the cutest puppies known to mankind. 
Recently she took in this little guy below Koopa [do you not just die?] and while I wish I could say things have been easy for this little one, he was previously abused which led to a ruptured urethra which has now led to antibiotics as his only hope. You can read more about his story here and show support in cheering him on by using the #loveforkoopa hashtag on social media. 

I adore that Kristyn has the heart and passion for rescuing these puppies who wouldn’t have a chance otherwise. I also adore that we share a mutual love [or lust] for Jake Owen himself. She is a girl with a heart, humor, and cash to give out. #hollerforadollar 
Make sure to go say hello, spread the love for Koopa, and try your hand at winning 50 bones. 

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