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June 9, 2014


Erin Schrader

In attempt to get this post done before the Miss USA pageant comes on, this post is going to be a little photo heavy and a little word stingy. Truly I don’t think I have been this excited about a televised event since last weeks CMT Music Awards. 
This weekend was our 5th annual canoe trip with 50 of our closest friends. We like to keep things small and quaint around here. I was a tiny bit nervous that having 50 of us paddle down the river together was going to get what you may call, “a little out of control” however with the exception of a few of us, we pulled through and came out both strong and walking. Something that none of us did last year. We departed around 2 pm and made it off the water close to 6. The best part about canoeing alongside 20 some other canoes is that: 
1. You are warned ahead of time by the canoe in front of you that there is a swan up ahead that most definitely wants to eat every one of our heads off. Obviously you allow them to proceed first to see if this is true.
picture taken while we were waiting to see if our friends were killed by the swans
2. If your canoe gets stuck on a log you have somebody readily available to push you through. 
3. The water is always warm as there are enough bodies peeing to keep the entire lake/river heated.
4. You can use your life saving jackets to tie up all of the canoes together meaning nobody has to paddle for 3 1/2 hours out of the 4 hour canoe trip. 
5. You never run out of beer because the canoe next to you packed 100 Coors Lights into their cooler. I should rephrase–you wouldn’t run out of beer if the canoe next to you that packed 100 beers didn’t tip over and have a floating yard sale. 

6. Nothing surrounding you is normal.

7. You all have matching sunglasses to wear. 

8. You end, you are alive, and you have friends and cake to celebrate with. 

If I could leave you with one last piece of advice it would be this–Plan a canoe trip with your friends. It will be one of the most fun days of your Summer, I guarantee you that. Even he thinks so. 

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