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I’m Going To Be Original And Title This Post “Friday Favorites”

May 16, 2014


Erin Schrader

One thing I’ve always prided myself on is that I am a very [very] good consumer of awesome products. Some [ie: my dad] may refer to this as “being wasteful” however I call it being an incredible stimulator of the economy. While I may take up 3 too many closets in our house, I also keep people employed on a daily basis. What now dad? 
Recently it seems as though I have been inundated with awesome things and so I figured it was time I start sharing some of these things with you. It’s my way of saying I care. 
Not going to lie, I was skeptical of using a mascara wand that was made up of tiny little fibers but I am hooked for life. I apply one coat of my regular mascara [I just use Maybelline Classic] and then I apply one coat of the Younique gel plus one coat of the fiber lashes and wham bam, all done. My eyelashes have never stood out more. Currently [through May 19th] if you purchase your own mascara you will receive a free pigment powder so I mean, that’s exciting. 
[photo credit: house of harkless]
I recently got this #dowork print from All Things Pretty and well, I think it’s pretty rad. So rad that I kinda want to get the same words painted on my office wall. I’m pretty confident that hashtags aren’t trendy and will be around forever so why not? 😉 Feel free to use the code LIL10 for 10% off from All Things Pretty
 [photo credit: house of harkless]

This baby hails from The Apron Shop and makes me feel all sorts of sexy while in the kitchen [or coffee house posing for pictures ;)] My only problem is that I really don’t want to get it messy. I think it’s the silks fault. It’s just so glamorous and perfect without flour all over it. My other favorite is this one which is made out of European Linen. I’m kinda thinking these would make the most perfect gift for nearly everybody in my life. Consider yourself warned friends and family, aprons it is from now. Use code LIVINGINYELLOW1 for 20% off your order over $15.

4. Anything yellow. Obviously.

                                                         [photo credit: house of harkless]

First off, I do have eyes–I just had way too much eyeliner on in these photos. I had the same problem in middle school and I still haven’t recovered apparently. Secondly, I am obsessed with my new yellow pennant necklace that shockingly enough looks good with all sorts of items in my closet. This baby is from Grateful Gypsy and even cuter than the necklace was their packaging. Seriously, order something from them just so you can ooh and ahhh over the presentation of it all. And believe me, there is plenty of awesome to choose from in her store. Give it up for yellow. You may use the code LIY15 for 15% off orders of $25 or more. 
And that completes my four current favorites. I will most likely be doing a part two soon. 
Stimulator of the economy, don’t forget it. 
ps. a small reminder that love, yellow is available for a few more days only. snatch it up while it’s hot

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