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A Free Pass To Do Nothing

March 20, 2014


Erin Schrader

Today was one of those really great, really unproductive days. It’s this whole March Madness thing. I assume that everybody else is doing nothing so I do nothing. I assume that everybody is sitting on their couch so I sit on my couch. I assume that everybody is drinking beer and so I drink beer.

It’s really a beautiful vicious cycle that I hope never ends. Anyhow, because I figured it would be very un-American of me to work today, I decided to make other plans for myself. I ventured out to do a little shopping (love me some clearance at Old Navy), fine dining (Chipotle AND Chick-Fil-a #omg), and did a little grocery store perusing. Do you all have a Whole Foods near you? There is just something about that store that screams “I SHOULD HAVE BEEN BORN AND RAISED HERE!” I can’t get over it. And no, I don’t buy anything there because a. it’s way too healthy and b. it costs three times more than it should, but still..you’ve gotta give it up to their dessert displays, pretty signs, and all of the trickery that the store does to you. You know the trickery I am talking about-you walk in and you suddenly feel like you are doing something right with you life. It’s like an au natural detox for you mind, body, and soul.

OH! And then I found myself in Best Buy buying a Google Chromebook which is where this blog post is coming to you from. Here’s the thing. It wasn’t necessarily necessary to my life but neither is blowing out my eardrums when I have my headphones on and I do that sooooooo….

I’ve always been awesome at justifying things.
As of now I’m convinced that this is the best thing that has happened to my life in the past 48 hours so things are looking good my friends. 

I think that covers everything that I didn’t need to say but said anyway. This post was brought to you by crappy iPhone pictures and a brain that has nothing of value in it.

Happy March Madness. May we all delight in doing nothing productive from now until it’s over. 

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