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Straight Muggin’

February 13, 2014


Erin Schrader

I think we all have those things that we are downright suckers for. One of mine (I may have a few) include mugs. Why I love these so much I do not know, but I do know that if you came to my door and tried to sell me a coffee mug, I would buy it from you. Please do not come to my door and try to sell me a coffee mug. It could be because I started drinking coffee (black and straight up..just the way I like my men…sorry I had to) when I was six or so. Speaking of, I would now like to take this time to grant my father the “father of the year” award for taking me to the coffee shop and allowing me to partake in the coffee consumption festivities with him and his cronies at such a young age. It is because of you father that I have to use PicMonkey’s teeth whitening editing tool on the regular. 
Alas, I was stoked when I came across Straight Mugging on etsy the other week. Custom hand painted mugs. I was sold. Naturally I got one a week or so before my blog got her hair and nails done…..
and then had to have one made to match my current blog design. You never want your mug to not match your blog, CAN YOU IMAGINE? 

I may have also gotten a third one to decorate with because it seemed like the logical next thing to do. 

Here is what Nina (ps….she is also a blogger) has to say about her Straight Mugging business…

“I knew I wanted to make mugs because, well, I love mugs. I drink tea and coffee from them. I also eat oatmeal, soup, and ice cream form them. Furthermore, I use them to hold pens and pencils, make up brushes, even quarters for laundry. So after a lot of experimenting with which type of markers to use, how long to let the markers dry, finagling the temperature of the oven, changing the length of time in the oven, I figured out the science to making mugs with designs that would last through washings. I am inspired by things that I like, obviously (haha)–favorite movies, songs, quotes, Beyonce, Downton Abbey, and my clients. One of my most popular group of mugs–Mean Girls–started when a friend asked if I could make her a mug that read: On Wednesdays we wear pink.That’s one major reason why I take custom orders. I love working with clients to make sure they are happy when they open up their box from Straight Mugging. My new favorite thing is to recreate logos for bloggers. I love making that perfect mug for someone to make them smile every time they use it.”

Because I just wrote a whole post about mugs, I feel like I owe you something. Use the code YELLOW for 10% off your own mug (may I suggest this “What Would Beyonce Do” mug) and then I’d also like to give one of you the opportunity to win your own because that sounds fun. 

I’m off to face plant myself into a mug of coffee now. Peace. 

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