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Thank You Notes: Living In Yellow Edition

January 9, 2014


Erin Schrader

I’m not sure if you watched the Jimmy Fallon special but this household did. Funny people are just so funny to me, hence the funny part. I especially appreciated and enjoyed the whole thank you card writing segment, where he writes thank you notes to any and all sorts of things. I figured it would be fun to do so myself, so here we go. 

Dear Florida Georgia Line, 
Thank you for making douche bags popular again. Never have cut off tanks and leather vests been so trendy. 

Dear Crockpots, 
Thank you for making me look like I spent hours in the kitchen preparing last nights dinner, the night before last nights dinner, and the night before the night before the night before last nights dinner when in reality it took a total of 8 minutes (combined). Who needs cocaine for getting stuff done when you have a crockpot?

Dear Niece, 
Thank you for the frosting licked, oddly sprinkled, and even more oddly shaped friendship cookies you made me. I’ll be eating them never but I certainly appreciate the effort and twenty minutes of playing in the dough with your dirty fingers that you spent making them.

Dear Uterus, 
Thank you for the monthly reminder that I am in fact not pregnant. It’s not like I actually wanted to enjoy my day anyhow, nor did I want to feel like a human but rather a cat that just got ran over by a train. Job well done on that one. 

Dear Old Women Who Have P!nk As Their Ringback Tone, 
Thank you for making me realize that no matter how old we are, we’re still a rock star, we’ve got our moves, so so what? Or just thank you for reminding me that I should probably never have P!nk as a ringback tone.

Dear Very Jane
Thank you for making the below bracelet in not just one color, but a gazillion, allowing me to choose my favorite three without making me feel like the hoarder that I am. Knowing I left 29 others on the table does something for the part of my heart that likes to say booooo-ya. 

Dear Fuzzy Socks, 
Thank you for reminding me that you are the only thing I truly ever need to own.  
Dear Indiana, 
Thank you for making all of us freeze our balls off. Polar Vortex for life. Or not. 

Dear Father’s Instagram Account
Thank you. Just seriously thank you. I can’t handle the goodness that radiates on my news feed when you go on a posting frenzy. I’m not sure if it’s the whole knowing that you are speaking your captions, or the fact that you post five pictures of the same thing within hours but it’s awesome. Please never stop. Stink bugs, patio parties, cold temperatures, document the shaz out of it all. 

Dear Country Music In 2013, 
Thank you for the trucks, girls, good stuff, and tight jeans. You really drove home what life is all about. 
Any thank you notes you’d like to write? Leave them below in the comments or heck, write your own post on em’. You know what they say–if you don’t have gratitude, you don’t have anything.


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