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My Life Is One Big Country Song Right Now

July 24, 2013


Erin Schrader

Let’s see if I remember how to do this whole “write a post” thing. Many thanks to my father for sending a text this morning of “you no blog no more?” to remind me I should probably get back at it. For the record, he does not work at a Chinese restaurant so I’m not sure why his text came through in this fashion, but hey to each it’s own. 

Where do I begin? We will start with the weekend because it seems fitting to do a weekend recap on Tuesday night? Better late than never (says every woman who doesn’t want to get pregnant). 

It was a good one indeed. Complete with friends, cards, beer, and concerts. In all seriousness I have never played cards so many times in 24 hours than I did this weekend. 

oh hi. just playing euchre while waiting for the concert to start.  

I’m not really kidding around when I say I am 27 going on 82. I mean for real one of the best parts of my weekends was trying out the sleep number beds. It was definitely one of those dreams coming true type of moments. 

Anyhow, back to cards. Cards is great in the fact that you don’t really have to exude any physical energy. It is also great for me because it means I don’t have to exude any mental energy either. Turns out I am that girl who will call trump in Euchre and then ask what trump is when it’s my turn to lay a card. Devils in the details ladies. If my memory serves me correctly I never actually “won” any of the games however I perfected my singing skills to a tee, so that’s gotta be worth something. 

Speaking of singing, that’s the only other thing going on in my life lately. I feel like I am a walking boom box. Really I just wanted to say boom box, but music has been radiating into my ears 24/7. Florida Georgia Line (two nights in a row), Thompson Square, and Mmmmmmm Luke Bryan. Did you know his name is seriously Mmmmmmm Luke Bryan? Try saying his name without the Mmmmmmm first. See, you can’t. 

Tomorrow night is good ole Hunter Hayes, you know..that one boy who I swear will remain 12 forever. I think I’m most excited about the concert just because it means I get to wear a dress on a Wednesday evening. It’s the little things people. 

Anyhow, it’s been a fun busy fun past couple of days. Let’s end this sucker with a handful of (okay like thirty) photos. Enjoy. 

my better little Nashville half and her boyfriend, Bill Rancic look-a-like. 
more on this contraption later..for now, just know it was the best birthday present ever.
 fair food. ummmm yes. 
 speaking of the fair, they don’t sell alcohol there. #problemsolved 

And this now takes care of my “you no blog no more?” problem.

Best thing that has happened to you in the past three days? Ready, set, go. 
I love me some happy. 


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