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Summer Is Like A Permanent Weekend. Kinda.

June 16, 2013


Erin Schrader

Please tell me you are all “oh my gosh I am obsessed with Summer” right now too. 
I just can’t get enough. 
Sunshine, beer, friends, family, beer, sunshine, etc. 
Gosh it’s good. And you know–Summer makes even the weekdays seem a little bit more tolerable. 
Something about not being in pajamas and under a blanket on the couch by 5:30 pm, but rather having to wash your feet off at 10 pm after finally coming inside for the day. That’s like one of my favorite times of the day lately. Yes, the time where I wash the dirt off my feet at 10 pm. It’s a little mental “job well done on taking full advantage of this awesomeness right now” note my mind makes every time I have to do it. 
On that note, cheers to dirty feet?

Now that we are on that awkward visual lets switch over to what life has been like lately in these parts.
We will start with Thursday because I feel there are very valuable lessons to be learned from each day since then. 

The first thing you need to know is this: If you are ever invited to go out for dinner and drinks on a work night to somewhere that houses live music, SAY YES. I don’t care if you will be tired the next day, have an early morning meeting to get to, think that pizza should only be consumed on “cheat days”, or whatever lame excuse you can think of. You will absolutely think this was the best decision you have ever made on a Thursday evening. Throw on a cute new top and squirm that little butt of yours all throughout dinner to that live music. Life is better lived. Amen and amen. 

Secondly, just because you went out on Thursday night doesn’t mean you should stay in Friday night. 
Rally those troops of yours and demand you go somewhere that you can sit outside. Once there, ask your male friend to lead the table in a cheers that will turn into one of the funnier speeches you have heard. 

Third, go see the movie The Internship. It is funny and will have you searching for open Google jobs the second you get home. Any workplace that has napping pods and free food available at your disposal is a workplace that both you and I need to take advantage of. See you there. 

Fourth, make about 12 servings too much of macaroni and cheese. Why? Because why not?

recipe found here

And last, make sure somebody in your family has a sweeter than sweet lake house (read: house, not 700 square foot cottage) that you can spend Fathers Day at. Just something about the beauty of what’s in front of you will make you love your father more. This is important because your dad will expect that you treat him nice on this particular day and sometimes, you need all the help you need. That’s a joke dad. 

my dad. the pimp of all pimps. 
Oh wait, one final lesson we all need to be aware of.  If a man wants to sleep, just let him sleep. 

Get it grandpa.

And there we have it.
Now go get those feet dirty.

Today’s featured sponsor is Gayle from Grace of Gayle.
You know those people you come across in blogland and they end up being one your biggest supporters and you know that she will always have your back and you will have hers? Insert this beautiful soul. Get to know her a little bit better than shower her with love and support. I can almost guarantee she will give it right back.
When did you start blogging and why?
I have been blogging since 2004, but after some tough “life” stuff in 2011, I wanted a fresh start. I personally experienced the incredible grace of God, and Grace for Gayle seemed like a perfect title—because God’s grace is sufficient for me.
You just won a million dollars. What’s the first thing you would buy?
Oh, wow.  This is a hard question!  I keep typing something and changing my answer.  I don’t know if this is the FIRST thing I would buy, because maybe I just need a bag of chips at the store when I just so happened to win the lottery.  But I would donate most if not all of it.  I do not need anything, and there are lots of people a million dollars could help besides me. 🙂
I don’t know. I personally think the bag of chips is a genius answer….

If you could summarize your blog in three words or less, what would you say?
Authentic, honest, real.
If you could offer one piece of advice to a new blogger, what would it be?
I would advise you to not compare yourself to anyone else.  This is actually my general life advice, and something I frequently, FREQUENTLY say is:  “Comparison is the thief of joy.”  Don’t compare!  Don’t look at the big blogs and get overwhelmed, don’t look at the cliques and feel left out, just don’t do it.  Be yourself, reach out, comment on other blogs, and be a kind person.  And don’t compare. 🙂
well said friend..well said. 


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