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Recent Realizations

March 29, 2013


Erin Schrader

1. I am becoming flakier every day that passes. And I’m not just talking about the skin that is now falling off of my arms thanks to my Florida tan fading. But flaky in the sense that it  takes people reminding me 2327 times in order for me to do something. And emails? Don’t get me started there. I have emails from November that have yet to be responded to. Good emails. Emails that I am excited about responding to. But yet I just haven’t. I used to be on it responding to text messages. These days? Eh’. I’ll get to them by the end of the day (or the next). I don’t know what to blame this on (other than myself). I’ve found myself just wanting to escape all things that require responses. Which really isn’t cool. A season. It’s gotta be a season. Right?!

2. Along with that, I finally decided that I can’t do it all. Not that I ever thought I was actually “doing it all”, but I sure was trying to wear that crown. Turns out the crown doesn’t fit on my head. I had this huge control issue going on with how I was running this blog. After several baths and breakdowns of yelling “Ahhhhhhh….I CANT DO THIS ALL ANYMORE!!!” I decided to switch over to Passionfruit to handle my sponsor buttons. I know. All that build up for that measly announcement. And I know this doesn’t sound like a big deal to so many of you but trust me. It was a big deal. Thank goodness for people like Heather who are on speed dial for such decisions. She’s a gem that one is. Anyhow, now would be the appropriate time to say—go book your spot for April. I am still 100% confused with how I am handling it as I am working on getting those who had previously booked filtered into this process, but just know that if you book something—you will hear from me and I will make sure we get it all taken care of.

3. I have been spending too much time and attention recently investing myself into negativity floating around in blog world. I see comments here and there about my consultation services and how it’s a “self-serving service”. I read forums that say I am “too into the money”. I get tweets questioning the Q&A sessions I host. As not enjoyable as it is to read those things, it has been great to really evaluate the decisions I have made for this blog and my reasoning behind it. It is liberating when you can step back, evaluate, and conclude that “yes, I agree with (and enjoy) what I am doing here..” and be proud of the work that I have put into all of this. You guys. Trust in the decisions you make. That’s all I am going to say on this one.

4. I want to move to Hawaii. Just sell it all and go. I don’t want to be one of those people who look back on my life and know that I never acted on any of the radical thoughts I had. Life’s too short. Why not spend it surrounded by palm trees, oceans, and sand? And no. I have never been to Hawaii. But I can imagine it’s a place worth living? (mom and dad—see you there).

5. Working out feels dang good. And yes I may have only done it once this week but it may have inspired me to do it again next week.  

6. It’s April next week. I still don’t know how that happened. April means one thing. Arizona. Welcome back sunshine, welcome back.

7. I have 29 boxes of macaroni and cheese to mail out. To all of you who said that I kept the cardigan, bracelet, and jeans…you were right. And to celebrate you get dry noodles and processed cheese. HOORAY. If you’d like to claim your box, email me your address with the subject YUMM. 
Any recent realizations you have had? Do tell.


Today’s featured sponsor is Debbie from Tales Of The Benedicts
Debbie is the epitome of a Tennessee blogger. You probably don’t know what a Tennessee blogger is. Let me tell you. It is somebody who loves adventures, spends her days hiking, and isn’t afraid to get a little dirty. Basically she is the exact opposite of an Indiana blogger (just speaking from experience). Debbie’s heart is bigger than (insert something big here) and does a fantastic job of reminding us all what’s really important through her beautiful words and photography. Debbie’s blog is a great showcase of her and her husband’s journey through this thing called life. She is a woman that I am lucky to have “met” in this big ole blog world. Do yourself a favor and get to know her yourself.


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