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A Weekend Of Firsts

November 12, 2012


Erin Schrader

This weekend was an unusual one of sorts.
Do you ever find yourself in a weekend rut and you know it’s time to give it some shock and awe?
Well, my life was in some desperate need of shock and awe, so that’s what I gave it.
Let’s bullet point my shock waves of excitement.
1. Friday night I went to a movie (Pitch Perfect). Alone. Nobody else with me. On a Friday night to a 8:45 pm showing. Annnnnnd it was pretty awesome. Shawn was out banging on some glass like usual (he went to a hockey game with guys) so I thought I should do something different. I knew if I stayed home I would do something lame and productive. Productive I did not want to be, so I had myself a hot little date. Totally recommend this to anybody. Also, the movie was great. I am now a professional acapella singer, thank you very much. ps…if any of you have seen it, I totally want to be Fat Amy from now on. Anybody else?
2. I drove to and back from Chicago. Alone. Again, nobody else with me. I like how I explain what alone means to you all… And again, it was pretty good. Actually, what was awaiting my arrival in Chicago was great. My bestie from Nashville was in the city for the weekend which is why I hijacked it outta here for a solid twenty-four hours. Our festivities went as follows:
 shirt: Miss Chic
We are very serious people and it was totally boring.
3. I dipped apples in cheese fondue.
And it was the best decision I’ve ever made in my life. Ever.
4. I went on a cab ride…..

However, I am not a cab virgin. What I hadn’t ever experienced was a cab that was decorated to the nines with Christmas and Hannakuh swag.

It was pretty legit to say the least. Best twenty bucks I’ve ever spent.
5. I drank wine.
Oh right. This is supposed to be a post about firsts…not addictions. And for the record, yes that is wine..served out of a carafe. Because a bottle is so last year.
6. I wore my first ever bracelets from Threads.

I have both the bow and Jasmine bracelet.
Now I am sure you are all familiar with The Shine Project, however you may not be aware of Threads. And because I feel like you should know about this, I am telling you about it. These amazefest USA bracelets are handmade by at risk youth. This means that by purchasing these suckers, you are helping those who may not otherwise, “break the cycle.”
These kids are now getting the opportunity to go to college, they can help support their families,
and most importantly, they can dream again. And that my friends is worth everything isn’t it?
If you would like to help employ more students while getting the cutest arm swag out there, feel free to use the code YELLOW15 for 15% off of your order. Christmas gifts anyone?
You may begin spending//employing now.

7. I was done blogging by 7:30 on a Sunday evening…..
Couch, popcorn, football, and husband…I’m about to eat you up.
Anybody else do something new this weekend? Tell me about it. Maybe I’ll do it next weekend 😉


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