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The Best $19 Of Your Life.

September 21, 2012


Erin Schrader

You know what I think the hardest part of a blog post is?
The first sentence.
Glad I got that one out of the way.
First off–holy sweet mother of pearl.
Do you realize that more than 160 of you linked up yesterday with your “I Believe In…” posts?
Thank you so much for joining in the fun.
I’m pretty sure I’ve gotten through 10 of your posts.
Only 150 to go.
Hello weekend plans……
No but seriously, speaking of weekend plans, I owe about 70 of you emails right now.
I’ve been really really good at ignoring my inbox the past (three) weeks.
Your response will come Saturday whether it kills me or not.
Expect to see my obituary come Monday.

Just a few things I want to bring to your attention right now.
Most importantly, a basic great shirt for fall I think every single one of you should buy.
I actually picked it up for my big Giuliana meeting.

Did I mention I met Oprah as well?
That’s a joke. I’m saving that for next weekend.
Back to the shirt though–I love easy, fashionable pieces to wear.
And this is most definitely one of them.

I am bringing it to your attention because I paid $30 for it.
And now it’s only $19.
PLUS if you scan this code with your phone (or iPad or what have you) you can search through my coupons and get an additional percentage off. You can also get free panties from Victoria’s as well.

You’re welcome.
May I recommend getting the sea salt and portal purple colors in the above shirt?
Love them both for fall.

Second item I want to bring to your attention.
Blog design.
It is the second most important thing about your blog in my own opinion.
People will judge your blog by it’s appearance whether you want to admit it or not.
Lucky for you, I have somebody here who knows a thing or two about blog design
(and happens to be giving one away to you lucky pants readers…)
Please read every single word below as there is MUCH that is worthy of being read.
I love Amanda and what she is all about.
Have fun getting to know her and don’t forget to enter the giveaway!
Your blog is about to look hotter than Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively’s future child.



Hi y’all! My  name is Amanda and I’m the creative mind behind 
Royal Daughter Designs.
This is me:

I’m a country girl, farming and ranching on 8 beautiful Texas acres. My husband, Mr. E., is a minister and a seminary professor and  I’m a small business owner and graduate student. I’m a has-been foster moma self-proclaimed animal lover, laundry procrastinator, sweet tea junkie, and high-heel hater.

I’m a funny person. At least in real life I am funny. I have a sarcastic streak in me that tends to make people laugh. In fact, the very first thing I noticed about my husband is that I made him laugh.
*cue angels singing*. 

For some reason my sense of humor doesn’t really show up in my blog. I tried to be funny when I wrote about breaking my glasses. (I even created the phrase “living-in-yellow-esqueness” while lamenting the lack of humor in the to-be-written post. 

All the professionals tell you to “find your voice” in blogging. Or find your niche. I wanted so badly to be a funny blogger. But the voice that is often heard on RDD is more serious. Motivating. Inspiring. I never planned on it being that way, it just developed naturally and almost accidentally. 

Sometimes the funny posts come, bringing with it a little peek at my sense of humor. And when someone says “You made me laugh!” it makes my day. But mostly I just write from the heart, those things about which I am most passionate*. 

You know what brought me so much freedom? When I stopped comparing my voice to others. I have such an appreciation for Erin’s humor. She makes me laugh. And other blogs, the ones that inspire me to be a better person…I appreciate and value those blogs as well. But my voice is unique, and I don’t want to stifle my own voice because I’m trying to sound like someone else.

We each have a voice y’all. Let’s stop comparing our own voices to others and trying to imitate someone else’s voice, and be intentional to find and develop our own voices. 

*One thing about which I am passionate is encouraging bloggers to focus on quality, read-worthy content. Every Thursday I host a link-up entitled “Desire to Inspire” (Hey tweeps: hashtag it for me will ya? #DesireToInspire .) The purpose of Desire to Inspire is to hold each other accountable to be intentional in inspiring others. It’s not about what inspires us, but what we can do to inspire others. I’d love for you to join me!

Okay, so guess what. I think it’s a little easier to find your voice in the blogging community when you have a pretty space to write on, don’t you think? That’s why I’m giving away a blog design. You read that right! Today you have the a chance to win a complete blog makeover!
I’m giving away a second chance blog design of the winner’s choice!

To enter: you must be a follower of LIY, leave a comment for each of the following:

Follow RDD via RSS, GFC, or e-mail.
Follow me on twitter
Follow me on facebook
Follow me on Instagram: @aroyaldaughter
Follow me on pinterest
Share this giveaway on twitter, facebook, or pinterest (comment for each)

Good luck!

PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket Photobucket
I’m off to go bury myself in blankets and slippers.
love ya butter nuts.
ps. I just made up the term butter nuts but it’s pretty cute if I don’t say so myself.


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