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Things That Make Me Cuss.

August 12, 2012


Erin Schrader

Oh hi guys.
That’s just me right now…screaming at my computer screen for deleting 3/4 of the post that I just wrote.
I LOVE writing posts that get deleted
I mean who wants to write a blog post that actually gets put to good use?!?
Not I.
How boring.
Anyhow..I am going to stop saying every cuss word inside my brain right now and focus all of this energy on remembering everything genius that I had already typed.
Have we talked about how bad my memory is before?
Well it’s bad.
Like being in the drive-through on the phone asking my husband if he wants fries with his order and then not remembering if he said yes or no one whole second later when I have to relay the order to the drive-through  person bad.
Not that I go through drive-throughs…
more than six times a week.
I promise I stop at six. 
That’s my limit.
Everything in moderation so they say…
Speaking of deleted posts and moderation, I could really use a glass of wine right now.
Okay, much better.
I think I was at the part of my now deleted post where I was telling you all thank you for all of your comments on Friday. It turns out that every single one of us is stupidly obsessed and stressed when it comes to blogging. Which is why I am done blogging. For good. Good-bye blog.
Did you nut jobs think I would actually go and do something stupid like that?
No blogging means I would have to go and get like a real life or something ridiculous like that…
I’m not really into those “real lives”.

I did however take your advice and took one whole day off of blogging this weekend.
Baby steps people. Baby steps.
Instead of increasing my probability of getting carpel tunnel, I…..

laid out//faked jumping off of diving boards…
Swimsuit: Swimspot

hosted a cookout with friends…

attended a friends bridal shower..

and just sat and stared at the stars for at least a solid hour.

I haven’t stared at the stars since…..
It was the closest thing to perfection.
The only thing between staring at the stars and perfection is Luke Bryan. We all know that. 
Two things to wrap up this post which was supposed to be much cooler than what it turned out to be.
1. Fall Into Fashion. Today I am wearing….no underwear. Oh wait. You weren’t supposed to know that. No but today’s fall outfit inspiration is orange. Orange you glad you stopped by? Haha. I am so lame. And I am seriously laughing out loud right now. Which reminds me of a joke that I text my friend the other day.
Knock Knock
Who’s There?
Cash Who?
No thanks, I like peanuts.
You’re welcome for that. Use it today. At least twice. 
Anyhow—back to fashion. 
Orange is all the rage right now when it comes to Fall.
I would know, MSN is my home page and it told me so. 

Here I am in all of my orange glory (I am talking clothes people. Not face. However…)
 Shirt: The Loft//Jeans & Boots: Target//Necklace: Miss Chic
Dog: Mine. All Mine.
Weird Faces: Sexy. Obviously.

Link up your fall outfit at the end of this post and go to town.
And by go to town I mean include this picture on your blog and then allow me to select your blog to show off next week.


My favorite outfit from last week happened to be..well I had three. 

Shopfreak//The Powder Room//Awake at Five
Thank you to all who participated. If I didn’t pick you this week..well then dress cuter.
That’s a joke. You all looked slammin. Just keep participating. I am sure you will see your pretty face on here sooner than later.
2. The winner of the Cents of Style giveaway is Lora. While everybody else other than Lora lost, I still have good news for you. Cents of Style is having a HUGE (we’re talking 9 pages worth) of clearance right now and I have a code to get you an ADDITIONAL 20% OFF. Just enter code “SUMMER0512”. Shop on
3. Oh crap. Speaking of buying amazeballs items at amazeballs prices I am on another shopping freeze. Except this time it’s for 90 days. And I am not kidding and that is not a typo. Apparently the buying 14 pieces of clothing last weekend combined with my Target trip today didn’t please the ole’ man too much. You know what they say-Oops.
And that’s all I have for ya kids.
My wine says it loves you.
And my wrists say they hate you.
..Listen to the wine. It is much, much wiser.

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