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You Did Me Good Chicago, You Did Me Good.

July 16, 2012


Erin Schrader

So this weekend was pretty fantastic.
Which also means it was pretty exhausting.
Because of this {and due to the fact that I still have a thousand other things to get done tonight}
I am going to get straight to the chase. Or straight to the point as one may say.
I am not 100% confident that “straight to the chase” makes any sense.
Now I will warn you–this post will be long. And full of pictures. Thousands most likely.
Consider yourself warned.

Friday night did in fact consist of me dressing up like a cow to go claim some free Chick-fil-A.
Because I thought I might look strange adorning myself in black spots alone, I drug my niece along. Just to make it look like it was her idea or something. Regardless, I have decided that I would dress up as a cow everyday if it meant a free 12 count of chicken nuggets and waffle fries.

 And in case you have ever wondered what I look like mooing, here you have it.

Attractive. I know.

Saturday Shawn and I took off for the great city of Chi-town. Also known as Chicago.
On the way up, it decided to rain for the first time in 29,382 days.

It left me feeling a little like a whiny child who just got told they can’t eat their 6th Popsicle for the day.

However, it cleared up pretty quickly after our arrival so I turned that frown upside down, grabbed me some Starbucks, and posed for pictures with Michael Jordan. Or at least his restaurant. I would probably not be alive if I saw MJ in the living flesh. It’s true, all of my internal organs would shut down, I just know it.

We then shopped, took a few touristy pictures, and drank some wine. Three things I excel at.
Fast forward to Saturday night. It consisted of delivering baby gifts to Giuliana {no she was not there, yes I cried, no I am not over it, yes I will meet her someday, no I am not out of my mind, yes, yes I am}, grabbing a drink {or two} with Taylor {who happens to be more hilarious/sarcastic in real life}, and then making our way to a late {ahem, 10:30 pm} dinner back at RPM Italian.
{Dress: Miss Chic//Necklace: Forever 21//Gift: For Baby R}
 follow her blog now. you will laugh forever and ever and ever.
This leads me to Sunday. The big day for my first ever Blogger Blitz. Not gonna lie–my stomach pretty much killed all morning leading up to it. For some reason, meeting 30+ strangers seemed nerve wrecking to me. Or maybe it was the bacon and cheese panini I scarfed down right before hand.
Anyhow–It was like match.com on steroids. However, it was great. Like beyond great. I loved it entirely way too much {that I would not shut up about it to my husband on our drive home}. Everybody was so sweet. The venue was fantastic. And the drinks had no problem going down.
If you ever have the chance to attend a blogger meet-up, GO.
Special thanks to Alison who put it all together and Market Bar for allowing us to use their space!
Okkkkkaaaay and phew. One last thing. “Mondays with Miss Chic
Today we have this lovely little dress for you, which comes in both yellow and orange.
Two colors I am lusting over. This dress is perfect for running errands during the day with flats or dressing it up with heels for an evening out {do I sound like a commercial right now? Good}
{necklace: Bip and Bop}
Today through Wednesday you can receive $5 off your choice of color {or heck–buy both and save $10 ;)} with the code YELLOW5. Lucky for you the starting price to this dress is only $35.50. Subtract $5 and you are sittin’ pretty at $30.50. Don’t mind if I do…Remember quantities are limited so you may need to act fast. Get your buns over here asap and get yo’self one. Or two.

K, that’s all. I say that’s all like this wasn’t the longest blog post in all history of blog posts.

Go have yourself a great little day now, k?
I’m off to go do nothing productive.

ps. I did not actually cry about Giuliana not being there. Just clearing up any “wow she is a total nut job” thoughts you may have been formulating.


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