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Bad Moods Suck.

June 5, 2012


Erin Schrader

I have no business writing a blog post right now.
Literally, none.
I am in one of the worst moods I have been in in a long time.
And I don’t really know why.
Okay, yes I do.
It’s the 900 little things that didn’t go my way today that did it.
Like losing a red earring.
And burning the crap out of my toast.

Rough, I know.

Okay there were a few other incidents mixed in so stop saying under your breath “she is in a bad mood because of burnt toast and a lost earring?!?!” That earring could have cost $175,000. It didn’t. But think of the potential if it did. I would be all over the news for losing that sucker, Kim Kardashian style.

Anyhow–I do have an excuse. It’s called I am a hot ball of hormonal mess.

It’s a darn good thing that I came home to hilarious emails from this girl, this girl, and this girl.
Thanks girls. Word to the wise: follow their blogs. They are some of my favs. Just sayin’.

It’s also a good thing that Flo Rida is bustin’ out “In the Ayer” right now on my computer.
There’s just something magical about this song isn’t there?
Ayyyyeeeeeeer. Ay Ayyyyeeeer.

Because I have nothing good to say and I need a few smiles, I thought I would just slam this post full of ridiculous pictures. Who doesn’t love those?

I love how the guy in the back is calling in for reinforcement. And how I act like the guy strapping me in is tickling me. Because strapping me in wasn’t awkward enough.
My husband {on the left}. Breaking it down in an American Flag sweater. Nothing sexier than a man showing his pride for his country. While gettin’ low.

Do not look at me. Look behind me. I spy _______.

I live with the lead singer of Kiss. I would say his name but I would have to google it.
And I don’t feel like exerting that much energy on this post.

In the center of a mall. Getting my teeth whitened. NBD.
My side job. Walking on what appears to be dead people in hospital waiting rooms.
Aka cracking my dad’s back while my sister is giving birth.

I’m such a rebel.

Smack that.

Apparently I like that pose. Gorilla or human. It’s all the same.
I love the sopping wet dog look. And the freakish alien face. But I really love it when I am a sopping wet dog freakish alien all in one. It’s hard lookin’ that good.
Well would you look at that. I am in a better mood all of a sudden.
On that note, I’m outta here. I’ve got a ton of “I wish I was Emily Maynard” thoughts to partake in.
I bet she doesn’t get hormonal. Or look take pictures when she looks like a wet dog. Or act like she is tapping Gorilla’s butts for that matter.
Nevermind. Why would I want to be her? I wouldn’t have anything to blog about.
Make it a good one lovers. I need to go snatch up my husband now. It was that gettin’ low picture I tell you. Owwww Owwwww.
PS. He hates me right now. There will be no snatching up. Just lots of yelling at how I must remove that picture of him from my blog immediately. Maybe him and Emily should get together. Just sayin.


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