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June 17, 2012


Erin Schrader

I’m gonna do something a little different today.
It may have to do with the fact that I didn’t have a post planned and am feeling rather lazy.
That’s a lie. I just took some supplement all natural pill thing and I’m feeling rather energetic.
Lazy just sounded like a valid excuse.
Anyhow–back to this post. I am just going to write down every thought that pops into my head.
This could be scary. It could be funny. Regardless, it will be random.
Let’s do this thing.

-I just said lets do this thing. What I meant was thang. I wonder why I didn’t use the word thang?
Oh right, I am trying to not sound so ghetto in my posts. Danggit.

-Is that how you spell danggit? Or is it dang it?

-I wish our freezer wasn’t out of ice cubes. And that we weren’t out of toilet paper. It’s going to suck if I wake up in the middle of the night and have to pee. It will especially suck if I get a sudden urge to suck on an ice cube immediately following.

-It’s true. I used to wake up in the middle of the night and suck on ice cubes when I was little.

-I bet my mom and dad who are reading are now thinking “what? she did that?” Yes I did. This was a couple of years after I stopped sleeping in a sleeping bag next to your bed.

-If my child ever sleeps in a sleeping bag next to my bed on a regular basis I will throw it in the yard.

-I just said I would throw my child in the yard. Hence why I don’t have children.

-Gosh Kip Moore is hot.

-Speaking of hot, I wonder how my face got so greasy today.

-Pictures. I haven’t included pictures in this post yet. Gross. Fix that now. Just use some from yesterday. Everybody else and their mom will post pictures from the weekend, I may as well too.

-I mean, why does my niece get to look so cute when she laughs from the side? I look like a freakin’ hyena. Totally not fair.

-Wait a minute. Is she pulling my shirt down in that picture? No wonder she is laughing her head off.
What a little….

-Don’t call your 2 year old niece a pervert. Or a hoochie mama. She is 2.

-I can’t believe that neighbor of mine called me a pervert when I was little for ringing his doorbell and running away. What part of that is perverted?

-It’s better than the time I fed my best friend bread with deodorant pieces smashed into it.

-Who was I?

-I love that my husband is singing Bon Jovi loudly in the living room.

-I kinda want to go play guitar hero now. And drink water with lemons. Crap. I still have no ice cubes.

-What could I instagram right now?

-This post is looking like its getting long. Just like every other post I pump out. Is it weird to say I pumped out a post?

-Dance party. That’s what I want right now. Or a nice pair of rollerblades. Yeah, definitely rollerblades. It has been way too long.

-I can’t believe I told Shawn that I wanted thermal socks and a heating pad for my birthday this year. Think next time Erin, think.

-More pictures maybe?

-Yeah, time to end this post. And go make a frozen pizza. And practice using my zoom lens on the same plant I always do.

-Sometimes ending posts bums me out because I have to wait another whole 24 hours til another one can be published.

-Somebody needs a life. That somebody being me.

-Oh my gosh, I am finding out the sex of Giuliana & Bill’s baby tonight. Ahhhhhhhhhhh. This day just got so much better.

-Say good bye now. Just say good bye. BYE.


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