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Get Yo’self Organized.

May 12, 2012


Erin Schrader

I love how I titled this post like I am so gangsta.
In reality, I sat here trying to enunciate “yo self” for a couple of minutes to figure out how I would properly spell such a word. I still don’t know if I got it right.
Regardless, not the point.
The point is–you need to get yo’self organized.
If you have been around these parts for awhile, you may recall way back when I had my first ever giveaway.

It was an exciting moment in blogging history. As you know, a giveaway has the power to make a blogger feel legit all of a sudden. It is that defining moment in history where you realize

“Ahaaaa—-if I want more followers, all I have to do is bribe people. That will make them like me!!”  
Funny how blogging relates to life so much isn’t it?
*Lord please never let me be a blogger who does giveaways just to get more followers*
Sorry, please ignore my silent prayer.
Anyhow–when I was approached to give away another one of these thirty-one large utility totes to one of you lucky pants readers, I thought–“why the heck not?!” I love mine. I use it all the time. Okay, I use it when I do the laundry. Meaning I use it every couple of weeks.
Regardless, when I use it I absolutely love it.

And because I genuinely believe that every person on the face of the planet should own one. I also believe that I should be allowed to carry a tiny monkey in my pocket at all times but that’s besides the point.

So let’s give one of these Thirty-One large utility totes away shall we?
Take a look at the new Summer catalog and leave me a comment with what you would purchase.
Additional Entries:
Follow Living In Yellow
Follow Janessa’s {the fabulous lady giving away this tote} blog here.
Share this giveaway via Twitter, Facebook, Blog, etc.
Leave a comment for each item done–up to 4 total. Get on it.
Winner will be selected and announced Friday, May 18th. Considering I remember to actually do it 😉
If my memory serves me correctly, I have some winners to announce, all of which will be done next week. You can still get your buns in the running on all of them here.
PS. If you don’t win, buy one. You can use the thing for anything under the sun. Literally. Put all of your belongings and head to the beach with it. Use it in the back of your vehicle and store your grocery bags in there. Carry your babies in there. Do whatever you want with it. Just use it and love it. Because trust me, you will. If you do want to purchase one, click here. And then realize that if you spend $31 dollars you get this all-in-one organizer for a measley $5. #Winning.

PPS. I am off to go see Luke Bryan & Jason Aldean in concert tonight with my man. If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter…expect a plea for help later on what I should wear. I am torn between the classic “I am trying to look like I am a true country girl wearing a denim dress with coybow boots” or the “I am too told to act like I am a true country girl which is why I am wearing jeans and a cute top” look. I will be needing you.

Happy weekend pretty people.


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