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I Believe.

April 5, 2012


Erin Schrader

I am not one to throw my beliefs at you left and right.
I think I’ve indicated more than once on this blog that I am a follower of Christ, however it’s not something I mention a lot on these here parts.
That probably has to do with the fact that this blog is a true reflection of how I am in real life.
And while I love me some Jesus, I don’t talk about Him all that much.
I write that and then I think “Crap. I probably shouldn’t have said that..” but it’s the truth.
And heck, He knows I would be lying if I said otherwise.

Anyhow—with it being Easter weekend and all, I figured now would be a fitting time to talk about my homie. Yes, I just referred to God as my homie. He’s gotta have some gangsta in Him right?
You are right. Probably not. But I like thinking God is a little bit hood.
You can step away from the blog now if you would like, however I hope you don’t.

I’ve never been one to really doubt God and His existence.
I blame the following—

First off, it petrifies me to believe that without him, I would be the biggest person in my world.
I mean seriously.
If I was all I got..I would be a disaster.
No doubt about it.
My heart breaks when I think about those who don’t believe.
How do they do it?
If I knew I had nobody to turn to when I felt down, helpless, anxious, happy, excited…
My life would suck. No doubt about it.

You guys, let’s face it.
Life is not easy.
It wasn’t intended to be.
Even as a follower of Christ, I am going to experience moments that I would rather not (obviously), but knowing that I have Him on my side definitely helps ease the blow.
And trust me, I’ve been blown.
That sounded weird but I am going to trust you know what I mean on that one.

Secondly, have you ever looked around at your surroundings?
I mean my gosh.
Beauty is at our fingertips constantly.
I am such a sucker for beautiful things.
Because of this, when I see a sunrise//a sunset//oceans//birds//your mom (haha) I cannot help but think “Dang–He did good. Real Good.”

I am sorry yo—but I am not one that can even begin to buy into the fact that all of this amazing beauty just happened out of nowhere.
That there was no real Creator.
I’d like to think I have a pretty open mind…but on this one, my mind refuses to think that it was something other than Christ creating all of this splendor.
Just sayin’.

Last but not least,
I have experienced God in ways that I know were no coincidence.
Say for instance, the time when my father was in the hospital and was going downhill in a hurry.
Out of nowhere, I started feeling like I needed pray hard and pray fast.
I remember saying repeatedly “Stop the bleeding. Stop the bleeding..I will mark the time as 10:30 am that the bleeding stopped and give You all the glory. Just stop the bleeding.”
At this time—I didn’t even know if he was bleeding, but I knew I needed to be praying for that.
Hours later I showed up at the hospital and they told me that he was in fact bleeding but right around 10:30 am it all stopped.
Glory be to God.
Along with this, I have experienced grace and forgiveness in ways that are not humanly possible.
I don’t even understand how or why I have been given second {and third} chances, but I am so so grateful for His unfailing love.

Anyhow, all this to say..I am fully celebrating the fact that Christ is Risen and Alive this weekend…preferably with a big ole glass of wine.
You know how I do.

{Mount Soledad in La Jolla, CA}

One last thing. Can we all just agree that Religion has gotten way too complicated? I don’t care if you cut your hair—have attended church 7 years straight without missing a service—or know the top 20 Christian songs at the moment.
It is about a relationship.
Between you and Him.
End of story. Amen.

Love you all.
No matter what you believe.
And that my friends, is no lie.

Happy Weekend Chicken Heads.

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