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Me+Giuliana Rancic. On The Phone.

February 18, 2012


Erin Schrader

Oh you guys.
As you may or may not know {which if you know anything at all..you do know}
I am mildly obsessed with Giuliana Rancic, or as we refer to her in our household–“G“.
Okay, so maybe just I call her G but still.
You get the point.
I love the her.
I love her fashion.
Her personality.
Oh, and her husband.
Bill if you are reading–
If ever you find yourself say..alone, in Chicago for the evening…
I’m only a 2 hour drive away.
Just sayin’.

Anyhow, back to what I was saying.
So the other day, my good friend Twitter {which I am now forever indebted to} informed me that Giuliana was answering the phones at their new restaurant RPM Italian to take reservations.
Well it just so happened that I needed to make reservations at their new restaurant.
So naturally I freak out when I see the tweet–
grab my old school 1990’s phone-
and dial.
And this is what I get:

The beautiful, hilarious, amazeballs G herself.
Talking to me.
I think it went a little somethin’ like this:
G-“RPM Italian, this is Giuliana can I help you?!”
Me-“SHUUUUUUUUUT UP! Is it seriously you?!?!”
By this point I am 100% acting like those crazy obsessed 12 year old girls who just saw Justin Bieber for the first time.
Dancing, shaking hands, and nerves so bad that I swear I am going to throw up.
The conversation continues…

Me-“Oh my gosh, I am freaking out right now. Hold on–I have to grab my camera and video tape this!”
G-“Actually you don’t need to tape it because we are filming for the show right now…
This will be aired on TV

…I mentioned I thought I was going to throw up right?

Long story short, I get transferred to somebody to actually make the reservations.
By this time I realize, I neeeeeed a video.
Because what if their show gets all crazy and makes a horrible decision to edit me out of the show?
I needed proof people.
So I beg ask kindly to speak to Giuliana again.
The girl tells me they are in the middle of taping.
I tell her I am in the middle of ripping her face off if I don’t speak with Giuliana again.
That’s a joke people.
It was only a thought that crossed my mind, calm down.
Anyhow, the sweet girl miraciously connects me with Giuliana again.
And this is what happens….

A few things to point out before you watch–
I had just awoken from a nap.
I was still in work clothes
{Surprisingly enough, I don’t normally wear embroidered cardigans with my place of employment written all over the front}
I have hardly any make-up on my face.
My pants were undone.
Oh right, you can’t see that part.
And I mentioned my phone is from the 90’s right?
Last but not least, I talk over her.
Who the ?!? does that to Giuliana Rancic?
Nobody except me apparently.

Okay but seriously, back to the reason of this post—
She has a little somethin’ she would like to say to you all…

Now if you will please excuse me,
I am off to finish the rest of the most amazing day of my life.

PS. If you are in the Chicago area–make reservations at RPM Italian.

G & B…
I leave you with one final thing.


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