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Your Questions: Answered {Part One}

January 16, 2012


Erin Schrader

So you may remember a week or two back when I asked begged all you lovely people to ask me questions.
Any question that you wanted.
Little did I know you guys had some “not so easy” questions to answer.
I mean I thought I was going to get away with things like..
“Do you wash your hair every day?”
“Do you really eat macaroni and cheese as much as you claim to?”
“Were you really hoping that Keith Urban would be under your Christmas tree this year?”
All of which would have required a very simple answer..
But no, instead you guys made me actually put my thinking cap on and do some work.
I thought I’ve emphasized enough to you guys that “work” and I don’t really get along.
Kidding kids.
I enjoyed answering these questions so so much..and heck,
I think I even learned a thing or two about me along the way.
So here we go–
Part One to this little Q&A biz.
1. Chelsea asked:
What’s your typical order from Starbucks?”
Okay, so I got ONE easy question {my brain says “thank you” Chelsea}
My go to order is typically a Tall Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte WITH whipped cream & sprinkles.
I get that the whole whipped cream part cancels out the skinny part, but you have to find balance somewhere people.
 Life’s all about give and take right?
Moving on…
2. Lauren asks
“I’d love to know your best advice on how to meet a guy..
I think it’d be really funny”
Funny huh?
Do I come across as a girl who doesn’t know how to “properly” meet a guy?
Your right Lauren, I don’t.
Based off my personal experience, here is how my advice on meeting guys:
Get em’ while your YOUNG.
Before the guy has time to meet all the hot single ladies he would’ve in his twenties or thirties.
Oh, and choose a boy who doesn’t live up to your parent’s expectations.
It will make for a lot of fun arguments and awkward dinners with your family.
So yeah–young and rebellious.

That’s my motto.

3. Cassie asks
“If you had the chance to be granted one wish and it was definitely going to come true..what would it be and why?!”
You would have to throw in the “why” part wouldn’t you Cassie 😉
This is a tough one.
Why only one wish?
I want like twenty.
Honestly, I think my wish would be that every person on earth would come to meet Jesus.
And that they would get to spend their eternity in Heaven.
And why?
Because Hell sounds like an awfully sucky place if you ask me.
That’s why.

4. Alyx asks
“If you could eat only one thing every day for the rest of your life, what would it be?”
Oh Alyx.
You got me conflicted on this one.
Upon reading your question I immediately shouted “Umm duh..macaroni & cheese”

And then I got to thinking
 “I wonder if that would clog my arteries..and all that cheese, all day every day?
That doesn’t sound promising on my digestive system…”
I honestly don’t know if I can answer this.
I get cravings for everything at all times of the day.
Jalapeno chips, fruit, whole wheat spaghetti, teriyaki chicken, string cheese, oreos…

How about a smoothie that includes all of the above?
Yes, that’s what I want.
A smoothie with all of the world’s finest foods combined into one.

5. Savannah asked
“Maybe too personal..but what’s your baby plan?”
Well Savannah, I think this sounds like a great topic for a whole blog post.
Or like ten whole blog posts.
Right now I am going to keep it simple with two short answers.
Two Years.
I promise to expand later.

6. Cat asks
“You have $40 and 45 minutes to put together a killer outfit for a night out.
Where do you shop and what do you buy?”
Well Cat, my first question to you is “Why only $40 dollars?!”
If you ask my husband, he would say I should only spend $10.
For a night out eh?
Chances are pretty good I’m gonna hit up either Forever 21 or Target.
My two staples.
And what would I buy?
Well if it’s as killer as you say it will be, homegirls gotta be lookin’ good.
….60 minutes later I found this dress on Forever 21 that I’m kinda lovin.

Not sure if this constitutes as a killer girls night out dress..
or would be a better suited at a day in the park with my unborn children, but either way I’d wear it.

{Gosh that question was time consuming…}

..Speaking of time consuming, I’ve got thangs to do.
And a heck of a lot more questions to answer that I simply don’t have time to at the present moment.
Meaning, parts two, three, four, and who knows how many will resume later.

Hopefully you learned a little something new about me today, I know I did.
If there is something you are dieing to ask..
I’d hate to have you wound up dead because you didn’t 😉

Just leave it in the comments or email me at livinginyellow@gmail.com

Happy Monday Party Animals.

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