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Date Night And Vlog Threats

January 21, 2012


Erin Schrader

Ahhh, date night.
Believe it or not—it is very rare that the man and I go out.
I would like to contribute this to the fact that we must just be really popular and are in high demand—
But I think it’s more if we are not with others, we are sitting at home.
On the couch.
Glued to our Ipads.
Playing Words With Friends {husband}
And catching up on all my favorite blogs/Facebook/Twitter {moi}
All while watching Shark Tank.
Couple of the year right here yo.

Okay, so the second part to that may be how we ended our date night..
but first, we actually went out.
You know to dinner.
And Menards.
We know how to get down and be all romantic.
Paint rollers don’t get your love juices flowing?

Anyhow-if you live in this area, you must go to Venturi Pizza.
It actually makes you feel like you aren’t smack dab in the middle of Amish Country.
Real. Authentic. Italian Pizza.
And cocktails perfected to my liking.
Gin anyone?
It may have snowed a wee little bit while we were eating.
Naturally, I thought it was a good idea to have an impromptu photo shoot while Shawn was facing the brutal 10 degree temperatures/getting frost bit/scraping off the car.

 I’m such a wonderful wife, I know.

PS. Speaking of being such a wonderful wife..
 During the course of our dinner..the topic of blogging got brought up.
Anyhow, it led to the topic of Vlogs.
Words straight from my husband’s mouth:
 “If you EVER Vlog….I will de-friend you on Facebook
{and delete my Blogger account..blah blah blah}
Those words cut so so deep.

Well hunny….


War 2012 just began.

Take Cover Lovers.

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