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What’s Up Sexy?

December 7, 2011


Erin Schrader

There was much laughter that went into the making of this blog post.
And by much laughter I mean rolling on the ground, red faces, and hardly being able to breathe.
Yes, my husband and I are 5 years old.
Anyhow, you may have seen all over Blog land in the past 24 hours this whole “Upsexy” phenomenon.
The inspiration behind all of these posts came from this text:
I happened to read about it on one of my fav girl’s blogs here.
After dieing laughing at her experiences, I knew I had to give it a try.
After all, pranks and I are pretty much best friends.
Oh, and because I do not have an Iphone and can’t take screen shots
{Reason #347 why I need an Iphone…}
You are getting good ole fashion photos.
Of me holding my phone.
19th century style.
Round 1: My Sister
…And NO response.
How do you ignore a text of that nature?
Moving on….
Round #2: My Dad
….And what do ya know?
NO Response.
Real cool family.
After feeling like a complete and utter failure, my husband gives it a shot.
He decides to text one of his guy friends.
It went a little somethin’ like this
{Some language changed to protect the PG-13 nature of this blog}
Husband: Cowboys kicker missed that fied goal due to his own coach icing him, and his Quarterback lacing into him before it about his Upsexy.
Friend: Upsexy?
Husband: Yes sir, you didn’t see him lace into him with Upsexy?
Friend: What the {bleep} is Upsexy?
Husband: Not much, you?
Friend: {Insert Name Calling}
I thought your white trash Droid was auto correcting.
…..And that’s when we lost it.
So freakin’ funny.
So friends, I encourage you.
Go act 5 years old today and send somebody a similar text.
And then tell me how it went.
I promise you, I will pee my pants in laughter with you.
Not kidding.
It’s that funny.
Seriously…start texting.
PS. In the midst of this whole prank session this evening, I managed to position myself underneath my husband in the closet so that when he turned around, his elbow miraculously nailed me on the top of the head.
I bawled like a baby for minutes and minutes.
We’re talking upside down lower lip, weird sobbing noises, and shoulders bouncing.
Oh, and for the record..I was in the closet just bending over..
trying to pick up my pajamas from the night before.
Just forget it.
I can’t type this without making it sound like something dirty was going on.
All you need to know is I now have Mount Everest on my scalp.
If you’ve ever wanted to see a mountain in real life, just pay a visit to my house.
Free admission.

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