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It’s All About The Eye Candy…

October 3, 2011


Erin Schrader

Sweet Sassy Molassy it’s Monday already.
Whoever invented the whole work five days/off for two thing needs to be smacked.
But because I am not going to win that battle, I’ll suck it up.
And retire.

But seriously-because I am a slacker and don’t have time to blog
{like really not at all this week…I’m kinda bizzzaaay. Sorry yo}
I have a slew of wonderful ladies taking over for me.
Starting NOW.
So these girls pretty much rock my world.
They are talented, motivated, funny, and sweet.
Before I tell you everything about them, I will let them do the talking:
{be sure to scoll all the way to the bottom-there may or may not be a giveaway}
Ladies..the floor is yours!

Hello Living in Yellow lovelies! 

It’s Kristine and Britney from J&M’s Eye Candy Blog and Shoppe  
We are two Stay at Home Momma’s.
Sister in Laws by chance, friends by choice.
Lovers of creating and crafting.
 “J&M” stands for Jayden and Maggie, our two little ladies. They both inspire us everyday.
We started our blog in May of this year, as a place where we can collectively archive our projects and share it with others like you. We hope that you are taking the time and enjoying crafting, whether it’s during nap time, after work, and/or late at night like we do.
We share just about everything on our blog;
from recipes, mom tips, fashion, home decor, and crafty ideas + tutorials.
We also host linky parties! Every Tuesday we host “Help a Momma Out” and every Sunday we host “Strut Your Stuff.” We would love to hear about and see your creations, and get to know you better, so please feel free to stop by and say hello!
Now on to the interview 🙂

1. Tell me about your shop-when did you start it and why?
We opened up our Etsy store in May of this year. I was always bugging B to open one, and she was always bugging me to open one. Then it just clicked! We would open one together!! We are passionate about handmade goods, and wanted to share the beauty of making something with others. A lot of our items are made from up-cycling our own clothing. Between the two of us, we offer an eclectic mix of handmade sweetness for ladies and sprouts. Custom, one of a kind pieces, are our specialty. We love meeting and working with people, and helping make their vision into a reality.

2. So you two are sisters-in-law, is it ever hard to be in business together?
B – Haha, honestly….no. First off, we live so far away from each other, that it is really hard to get on each others nerves (wink wink). It has actually been great on so many levels. For example, I am a huge morning person. I wake up early, and get things done EARLY!! K is a night person, she stays up super late and gets things done LATE!! Between the two of us, there isn’t a lot of things that we miss. We also get so much inspiration from each other. K will come up with an idea, and I will build on it, then K will build on it again. By the end of our conversation, we aren’t really sure whose idea it was, but we don’t care because it is the most awesome, perfect form of the idea that there can be! I think the coolest part about being in business with each other is the support that we get from each other. We are both moms, sometimes tired, sometimes onry. We both get that, we understand that, and we support each other in those times, and both of us will pick up the slack whenever needs be.
K – B totally hit it on the head. It helps that we “get” each other, and really being open and honest with one another is key. If something is bugging one of us, it’s brought up right away and we kick it in the butt together. 

3. What is your one must-have fall necessity?
B – Boots!!

K – A visit to a Pumpkin Patch 

The hubs and I last year at The Patch here in Utah

4. Who is the one person you would do anything just to meet them?
B – This is a tough one for me. There are so many cool people that I want to meet, but I am going to have to go with Becky Higgins! She is the total inspiration for my love of scrapbooking and preserving memories. Love her!
5. If you could snap your fingers and be anywhere in the world at this minute, where would it be?
B – In a hot tub with snow falling on my head on top of the Colorado Rocky mountains surrounded by ice, snow and cold drinking hot chocolate spiked with Kahlua.

Borrowed from HERE

K – On a tropical white sand beach with our families.

Taken on our honeymoon in Bermuda 2009

It was fun to answer Erin’s interview questions 🙂
We want to offer you Living in Yellow lovely readers 10% off in our Etsy Shoppe,
good until the end of October. Please use code LIY10 to ensure you receive your discount. Offer good on in-stock items only. We would also like to sponsor a GIVEAWAY!!
For the lovely Eye Candy belt and a matching hair pretty below:
{This is Erin real quick…Oh my gosh, is this belt not adddoooraable?! I’m kinda in love}

To enter:
 Become a public follower of J&M’s blog:
(leave a comment below stating you do, 1 entry)
Like J&M’s on Facebook
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Follow J&M’s on Twitter
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Have a wonderful rest of your September lovelies!
Hope to see you over in our neck of the woods sometime.
Thanks Erin for having us today!

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