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One Steppin’ It.

August 18, 2011


Erin Schrader

Hi frisky kitties.
As you know, it’s Thursday.
As you may also know, Thursday calls for Awkward & Awesome time.
Until Today.
Now before you start huffing and puffing and getting weepy in your little eye sockets,
It is not over indefinitely.
Trust me-
I somehow found myself in a ten minute conversation with the Walgreen’s cashier on how she became the District leader in most Snicker bars sold this past week.
Awkward will return next week.
But today, I am going to let somebody else speak for me.
I love when people are kind enough to do that 🙂
Not only does it allow extra time to do cartwheels in my backyard,
squeeze in a few extra minutes of Hula Hoop practice,
but it also allows me to catch up on the latest & greatest Giuliana & Bill episodes while stuffing my face full of popcorn, husband by my side.
{Yes that has been my life that past several nights, don’t judge}
Anyhow, back to what I have in store for you today-
Her name is Jamie and she hails from One Step At A Time.
Not only is she beautiful-she is strong, independent, and inspiring.
She is a single mother, currently looking for a job, and training for a marathon.
If that doesn’t make your underarms a little bit sweaty, I don’t know what does.
Somehow between all of that-she has started blogging and I am oh so thankful that she has.
I admire her strength and positive spirit.
Jamie, the floor is yours.
Hey everyone!

It’s Jamie, from one step at a time. I am extremely happy/pleased/honored/ecstasic to be Erin’s guest blogger today! 
Isn’t she awesome?!
[i truely believe people with the same birthday as me = awesomeness]

A little about me:

I am a mom to a witty 5 year old who just learned what sarcasm is and how to use it correctly *gasp*.  I wonder where he gets that from?

I am on a temporary “vacation” aka just started a new job 6 weeks ago… and it didn’t work out. after being in a stable, set career for 4 and a half years. 
But hey, positive thoughts over this way.  God has put me on this path for a reason.

I am addicted to starbucks, tattoos, olives, advocados, and mozzarella cheese.

And running.

If you hop on over to one step at a time, you will find out a little more about me. 
I started running a little over a year ago… and a few months later decided I wanted to complete a marathon.  Said marathon is at the end of THIS October! 
I keep track of all my runs over there… it holds me accountable for my training. 
[i have convinced myself that]  

Plus, one day I hope to run a trail race with my Dad.  He’s an ultra-runner… but that in itself is another story for another day.

Although, you know the bloggy world… it’s not just about one thing.  I’ve posted a few DIY items from my house, like when I made over my Kitchen table or made my own
lampshades  here and here,
I also write about some of the darnest things my 5 year old has said,
or just about his handsome little self.

Oh, and I’m one of 3 million Americans who has epilepsy. Did you know it is as common as breast cancer?  But we don’t talk about it.  One of my goals is to help find a cure & advocate for it.  My very first blog post was about my Walk for Epilepsy and wrote about my most recent seizure here and some info here.
Ok, that might be a downer… but it’s good times, promise!

Thanks so much!  Hope to see you all soon! and join me, in taking it one step at a time!



Now please, I beg..{Because I am pathetic like that}
Go over here and show her some love.
“Love” includes but is not limited to: Clicking the follow button,
Writing some gushy love note to her saying how awesome she is,
and showing her on-going support as she meanders her way through this journey.
Come back tomorrow to link up your joyful pictures.
I’m kinda obsessed with Fridays now.
It is so fun to party with ya’ll 🙂

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