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Lady Gaga Gives Me Nightmares

August 30, 2011


Erin Schrader

I am about to do something that I have never done before-
It is something that has always annoyed me a wee little bit when reading other blogs-
but I am about to talk about something I do NOT care for.
When starting my blog I thought “I will never talk about stuff I don’t like…what’s the point?
Nobody wants to read something that I don’t care about…talk about things I love and/or make me happy!”
However, today I am doing just the opposite.

It all started Sunday evening when I sat down on the couch with a bowl full of popcorn, peppermint tea in hand, primed and prepped to enjoy the MTV Video Music Awards.
{I suppose sitting down to the watch the VMA’s was my first mistake}
However-it was when Lady Gaga made her appearance as a man that I started to get

severely creeped out.
Between the grabbing herself-
dropping the F bomb every other word-
strange facial expressions combined with the unexplained shaking-
and rubbing beer all over her hair…
I had enough.

Okay I get it-she is talented.
I have done my fair share of dancing and singing to her hits.
However-her weirdness is a bit too much for my liking these days.
In fact, I can hardly tolerate it.
{Yes, I know I sound like a mother right now…and no, I do not care}

As she would spew out whatever non-sense it was she was saying-

the crowd would erupt in applause.
I on the other hand wanted to throw up in my mouth.
Not only do grown adults admire her-
young girls everywhere are looking up to her as a role model.
Is this the kind of role model we want our younger generation looking up to?
Hmmm…let me go check.
K-I’m back..and the answer is:
To know that she is a “music icon” in today’s society makes me nauseous.
I know I am being a bit dramatic-but it’s true.

Needless to say, falling asleep Sunday night I couldn’t get over what I had just witnessed.
Has your heart ever literally felt broken because of our society and what it is coming to?
I literally fell asleep with fear in my heart for my future children.
Thanks a lot Gaga.

Okay, enough of my rambling on and on….
The floor is now yours folks.
Time for you “Little Monsters” to leave me messages about why I should love Gaga and how I am acting a little bit absurd over this whole matter.
Say what you will-but in the words of Miss Gaga herself-
Baby, I was born this way 😉
…So now that I am totally over talking about stuff I don’t care for
{It really wasn’t that much fun}
I am ready to talk about some of my recent LOVES.
Come back tomorrow for those mmmmk?
PS. Do you ever feel like you are in a writing funk?
Me too.
On that note-I am off to go find some Funk-Be-Gone.
Kinda like Goo Gone. Minus the Goo.
I think I might’ve just come up with a million dollar idea….

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