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Bye Bye Anties {And A Little Bit Of Inspiration}

June 8, 2011


Erin Schrader

Hey pumpkin seeds-
I don’t have many words today which I am totally blaming on the battle against the ants I have been fighting in my home the past couple of days {and maybe my extremely long post yesterday}.
Anyhow back to the ants-those suckers are tough to beat.
However-with much skill, lots of cleaning spray {yes cleaning spray}, and yelling every word that was as close to profanity as possible, I demolished them.
I would post a picture of the attack but you would then realize my secret weapon was having a male come out to spray our house and I would never want you thinking I didn’t take them down all by myself.
Speaking of ants, one just crawled across my desk which I kindly fed a little chunk of a cinnamon sugar clump to {which happened to fall off my Panera bagel I am devouring. Oopsie, I just remembered I am supposed to be losing weight…}
Hmmm…not sure if that was a smart move, but regardless-the ant greatly appreciated it and after all I have put them through recently, they deserve to see my soft side once in awhile.
So with all that being said…I have nothing else to say.
I’ll leave you with this little doo-dad that I found and that I love.
Come back tomorrow for some highly awkward and awesome moments k?
Peace out Homies.
{Note: I wasn’t sure if pumpkin seeds really showcased how ghetto I really am-hence the use of Homies. Hopefully you now understand. In fact-for the longest time I believed a nine iron was a handgun. Obviously I run these streets.}

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