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We Made It..1 Month Anniv!

March 1, 2011


Erin Schrader

Today marks one whole whopping month that I have been blogging.
I must say, I am quite impressed with myself that I have kept at it.
I am REALLY good at starting things and not finishing them OR even more so, thinking about doing something and never acting on it. 
One month ago today though, something miraculous happened inside of me.
I had a thought-a thought to start a blog-and then I said to myself
“Silly thought Erin, you have nothing to blog about.”
But I did it anyway.
And just like that I demolished my old habits and actually acted on something I thought about doing.
Boo yah bad habits.
I wrote my first post, and was almost too embarrassed to tell my parents what I had just done. But I did, and they liked it (because they are my parents, they have to like it).
And then my sister caught wind of this little blog and SHE liked it.
I knew I had a small glimmer of hope.
So I did what any naive little blogger does, I kept writing and actually shared a link on Facebook (ahhhhhhhhhhhh), all the while I was dying on the inside knowing I just exposed myself to the world (in the blogging context there folks).
So here I am, one month later with my parents, sister, and a few other people who have taken a liking to what I have to say..
or at least who keep coming back to see how truly weird I am.
My blog & I want to thank you wonderful people out there who inspire me to continually post new entries. We are so excited to see what the next (and the next, and the next) months have to bring. So what’s in line for this VID (Very Important Day) you may ask?
 The blog requested to be taken out tonight for a margarita to celebrate so that’s what we’re doing. Maybe I will even surprise her..yes, this blog is a girl..with a cake?
Oops, there I go thinking about an idea that I know I will not accomplish.
Guess I haven’t kicked the habit completely 😉

PS. I wanted to have a giveaway for this special occasion but the only idea my husband conceived was to auction off himself to one of you lucky readers.
I kiboshed his idea, sorry ladies.
Stay tuned though, giveaways will be making an appearance sooner or later.
And by that I mean sooner.
PPS. Here is a list I have compiled of a couple lots of things I have learned over the past month:
  •  It is addicting. But maybe only to obsessive compulsive people like me?
  • My brain is always in “blog mode” brewing up the next post.
  • I really don’t mind making fun of myself.
  • Writing about Shawn brings a smile to my face.
  • Blogging really is an industry..and I am about to take over. Calm down, it’s a joke people.
  • Meeting new people through blogging is like finding candy cigarettes in an antique store, which I did this past weekend. I got waaaaay excited…Just like I do when I meet somebody new through blogging. See how they tie together now?
  • Checking your stats every 15 minutes does not make them double in size.
  • Now that I blog, I find myself only looking at other blogs. Suddenly, no other websites exist (Okay, well maybe Facebook and travel sites).
  • Having a “creative outlet” really is fulfilling.
  • I plan to do this for a long time. So stick around people. BIG things are about to happen 🙂

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